Duralee Fabrics in the Interior of Modern Living Room - How Can You Use It?

Wallpaper and fabrics are the incredible ways, which can make a fantastic visual effect. Fabrics are possible to buy in a wide range of colors, as well as textures and patterns; and it’s only up to you to make the choice if it’s going to be a bold choice, or it will just look of soft&subtle wall picture. What’s more about being perfect in fabrics like Duralee fabrics, for instance, is that there is a huge number of possibilities how they can be used. If you have decided to decorate your living-room with fabrics, think over the following 9 ideas:

1. Covering the walls

This is the most traditional way that the wallpapers, and now fabrics, are used – just covering the walls. Well, the look of the walls may look not so popular and attractive as it was several years ago; nevertheless, it still is able to work in dependence to the size of the room and the fabric that is used. The main point is to clean your head of the memories about bold and bright wallpaper colors, the 70s’ style of geometric lines, and floral abundance of the 80s; now start considering modern colors, trendy patterns and textures. Some rooms may need bright imagination and using bold ideas and the rooms will definitely look better with bold Duralee fabrics or any other ones that you choose in online wallpaper store (Mahones Wallpaper Store). Other rooms may not need bright accents on the walls, but just simple lines, delicate texture to create eye-catching but calm and relaxing atmosphere.

2. Covering only top or the bottom of the wall

It’s an awesome way to make the room look eye-catching and not overwhelming. Upper or lower part of the wall is covered with the fabrics, and then those parts can be separated with a kind of architectural moldings. Well, as a matter of fact, such look was quite high-demanded in recent decades, but anyway, it is still used quite frequently in traditional interiors. Especially, it is popular to cover the upper part of the wall with fabrics (Duralee fabrics, for instance), or wallpapers (like Thibaut wallpaper or York wallcovering), and leave the bottom part of the wall for covering with panels. This look is considered to be classic, but nevertheless, it never goes out of style.

3. Covering a wall with two types of fabrics

This way demands some courage, as not everyone is brave to use this interesting look, as with it you need to glue the upper part of the wall with Duralee fabrics or Schumacher wallpaper, and apply another one to the bottom half. Such approach demands good taste and the final combination to look harmoniously. But when it is done correctly, you will get a stunning look.

But if you are adventurous person and you need a strong atmosphere in your room, we would recommend to try using Duralee fabrics with some contrast patterns: toile/stripes or damask/chevron of strong colors. If you prefer more delicate shades and tones, choose subtle Phillip Jeffries wallpaper with tone-to-tone and easy lines. On top of that, as far as the look is quite strong, be careful when choosing other colors and shades you take for the room. They should comply and look harmoniously, but not in contrast and fighting with each other.

Creating a functional wall

This is an awesome way to better or to create a central focus. It catches the eye and creates a stunning look. When you make your choice about wallpapers or fabrics in online wallpaper store, you may choose either subtle or bold, but the main rule is the following – none of the fabrics should compete with the central focus of the room, because if there is more than one central focus, the eyes get tired because of the sense of chaos. The advice is to create such feature wall with fabrics placed behind fireplace, for instance, or any other place, to which our eyes are usually drawn to.

1. Ceiling covered with fabrics

How often do we, people, take our eyes from the ground and look at anything that is above us? We don’t look up, hurrying to solve problems or thinking over the design that we want in our room. As a rule, we just paint the ceiling with white and that is it. After, we don’t pay attention to the ceiling, unless there appears a crack or a leakage stain. And not more. But the fifth wall, as the ceiling is often called, gives a huge opportunity to experiment with wallpapers and fabrics and the colors, and provide a really one-of-a-kind look of the room.

If you have chosen this way, don’t choose something subtle, but take something bold and very much decorative. On top of that, remember that in such case DIY projects are unacceptable, as there may appear bubbles or peels. Hire a professional and be sure that the work is done right.

2. Furniture decoupage

Upcycling old furniture or adding some delicate touch to the piece that looks simple, gluing wallpapers and fabrics to the furniture may seem a perfect idea. It especially goes well on those pieces with strict, but simple lines, and without any curve. It could be, for instance, a chest of drawers or a cabinet. The fabrics should not obligatory have a pattern; it often happens that a simple grass pattern sometimes can give your room so much interest and eye-catching attraction.

3. Decorating bookcase, the inside of it

This piece of furniture is a good place to be added with some fabric or wallpaper decoration. Don’t leave the shelves’ backs bare; it’s such a good opportunity to decorate them with fabrics patterns that will look appropriate to the color theme of the room. It is very easy to do by taking a foam core, cutting out pieces of it, and gluing fabrics directly to the foam core surface. In such way you don’t glue paper straight to the furniture, and thus, if you are tired of this picture, you will easily take it off.

4. Art of wallpapers and fabrics

Many of us want to have unforgettable design of the interior, which differs from others. But if you can’t afford buying expensive fabrics / wallpapers or have a big project, why not have a piece of wallpaper, put it into frame and hang on the wall? It will cost you almost nothing and will demand little efforts. One more way to the similar result is making a scroll with a long piece of wallpaper and using some instant dowels. Such framed wallpapers look spectacular and require not much time and effort.

5. Lampshade made of wallpapers

Giving your room more color accents can also be completed with making lampshades. Other ways are not creating a lampshade from the scratch, but just upcycling a plain one or renewing a damaged one. It’s not difficult to be done at all. You just cut a piece of paper to be according to the size, and glue it with spray adhesive. On top of that, there is one more way of decorating a lampshade – by gluing fabrics to the shade’s inside.

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