Girls’ Holiday Gifts, and We Don’t Mean RC Excavator

This article is not for those who have a son. Not for those who read such articles and looks for presents like drone with camera or remote control police car.

Of course, as a father you would like to buy something like RC excavator or RC bulldozer or other remote control construction toys to your child, but nope! You have got a beautiful little princess, who in the future will probably share your interests and search with you in Top Race for interesting toys. But not now, Father. Be ready to wedding collections, dolls, pink toys and LEGO (the last one is meant for building beauty shops).

Parents usually make a mistake when thinking that all these dolls and toys are absolutely innocent and frivol. Just the other way round, they are greatly influenced by such products like Bratz or Barbie, and playing with these dolls form a mode of behavior. With such “family-to-be” games every girl is taught what people expect of them and what they will be esteemed and appreciated for.

It’s not only an entertainment and games. All these playing with kitchens, pink cleaners and crowns are instruments which get girls ready for a role of so-called care-takers (and wives, consequently). Well, if your daughter has fun when cooking or cleaning in a doll’s house, she learns important skills for life. But what concern parents, is that toys are excessively aimed at boys who, as a rule, prefer toys like remote control construction toys like RC excavator .

Nowadays, market of girls’ toys is soaked with hyper sexualization and hatred toward females. Experts dispute that there is no room in modern marketing for those boys who don’t want playing with RC excavator, but like playing dolls and puppies, and those girls who are fond of technical stuff like RC excavator or RC bulldozer or other remote control construction toys.

So, what should we do for our daughter not to become a pink pie? Here is a roll of inspiring, funny and learning gifts for youth which are more than just gender.

Ages: 2-5 years old

- Children CDs with songs are of a great value. “I Got shoes” of African American group that got Grammy Awards has some records of children songs about such issues like being a mother, children rights, freedom and other matters. Toddlers eagerly dance to this music!

- MindWare toys - this toys line has won huge recognition of different famous magazines (Parents’ Choice was among them) for its entertaining goods like puzzles, and etc.

Ages: 5-10 years old

- Coloring Books like “Girls Are Not Chicks” – encourage positive attitude toward girls who adore climbing trees, and boys fond of baking.

- GoldieBlox – the first-of-a-kind construction is meant for girls who dream to be engineers in the future. As fas as almost 90% of technicians are male, this toy was created by a woman-engineer. Girls can learn some basic math and preliminary concepts of engineering.

- Call Me Madame President – in the US Senate there are only 20% of women. To make a situation better here is this game about Amanda, aged 8, who was elected to become the President of the country.

- Roominate – a toy for all children, which allows them build tiny houses with miniature rooms. There is no additional space to build on, thus children are trained to solve problems constructively and think creatively.

Ages: 11-13 years old

- New Moon Magazine is full of adventure stories of young females, and no any diet advice articles or advertising blocks.

- Robotics Kit – Hummingbird provides a child with necessary materials that she will use to build a robot she has always dreamt about.

- A Rock Star – give your child a guitar, provide with some basic music lessons, bring her to a Rock Camp – and voila!

Ages: 13 years old and up

- Our Bodies. Let your child know her. The academic book gives key information on who a woman is and how she is “constructed”, on the issues of her health, childbirth, sexuality, mental well-being and overall health.

- Graphic Design and Video Editing Tutoring – a month course for teaching children build up their own media, using special programs for that.

Going to the girl to visit, you are repeatedly tormented with the question: "What kind of gift do you need to present to a girl?” In the city it is easy to find places where various dolls, designers, sets, developing games are sold. It's all fine, but in that case you risk repeating yourself with a gift. That is why choosing remote control toys is a very good idea even for girls, as they are also excited when playing with remote control construction toys that are meant for boys, like RC excavator, for instance, or “girlish” pink police cars.

For the birthday of a young lady, you can always present something unique. In the stores there is a huge amount of necessary gifts, which will surprise and please a birthday girl. Choosing a gift for a girl, you need to take into account her age, range of interests, hobbies and what she is fond of. Knowing these features of a young lady, it will be easy for you to choose a gift.

Various shops can offer a variety of caskets, chests for jewelry and other accessories for the young princess. If she is fond of arts, then a good gift for her is a casket for handicrafts.

Classic games for girls, though, are feeding a doll. As a rule, dolls are available in a large assortment (exquisite porcelain, popular Dora from the cartoon, flying fairies and others).

Unusual, useful and, moreover, beautiful will be a gift from a series of "paper designers." In this section there are many designers: churches, houses, interior items, etc. This child will do this toy by herself, developing logical thinking, patience and ability to work with her hands. And also in this section you will find educational games for girls and zoo. All these products are not very expensive, but such gifts will certainly be useful and original.

For the girl as a gift, piglets are also suitable; this is beautiful and practical. Of course, one should not bypass such a favorite gift of all girls as soft toys. Maybe you can present her a nice soft toy that will be exactly the girl's favorite with which she will fall asleep in an embrace. In the modern world, soft toys know how to speak. Of course, the girl will be more pleased, if you give her an interactive toy-repeated.

And – not to forget about RC toys, as far as their range for girls is quite wide. Let’s start not with RC excavator. There is an awesome line for girls of Camaro, Lamborghini, Mustang and Jeep RC vehicles. Being a foot long, they are pretty light with rubber tires. Anyway, the construction RC toys are also available for girls, like RC excavator or RC bulldozer. On top of that, there are some color stickers that come with the RC excavator to make it look more beautiful.

Such RC toys are pretty fast, so they need space – well, RC excavator needs less, but nevertheless, enough room for such toys is always a plus. Playing with RC excavator like with other RC toys increases creativity of children, their imagination and skills of solving problems. For younger kids, this is a good opportunity to develop psychomotor and cognitive function.

Let the gifts, which all children love so much, will make them happy and excited. And, seeing how children are having fun, we will also learn to sincerely enjoy life.

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