Online Wallpaper Store Presenting You with the Ways to Make Narrow Rooms Wider

When buying a new flat, sometimes one can’t afford large and spacious apartments. That is why the narrow premises and small-sized rooms are the only what one has. In such case, there are different ways to deal with such rooms. People often are faced with the problem to choose the appropriate finishing material, because they are not quite sure if it combines with the interior harmoniously or looks too contrast. Thus, if you want to see your rooms cozy and comfortable, notwithstanding the size, the best advice is to look for such wallpapers in online wallpaper store that will visually make your room wider and larger.

How can the room become wider?

Not large rooms are an ordinary thing for many apartments. To make the full renovation is not possible as conditions do not allow doing that – anyway, the space will remain the same. How to enlarge room visually? Well, the ways to do that are various, but to add some air to your rooms, use mirrors and curtains, and first of all, choose correct wallpapers in online wallpaper store.

A small room can undergo some transformation with the condition that you have chosen the curtains correctly. To make it right, keep in mind the following rules:

· Don’t choose dark colors, thick and tight textiles;

· Take long cloth, make it in accordion form, and let it fall down to the floor;

· Curtains color should go in compliance with wallpapers that you have chosen, for instance, Phillip Jeffries Wallpaper;

· Contrasts or dark shades are not acceptable;

· No horizontal stripes on textiles, only vertical ones;

· No large print and no drawings

It’s better to choose translucent curtains of light shades and warm tones. Their length should be longer than the height of the window and go down to the floor; in such a way the illusion of high ceilings is achieved.


Mirrors are considered to be the technique that is quite used and simple, but they should be carefully acted with. Too many mirrors will not make your room larger even visually, but, on the contrary, are able to make your room look like a matchbox.

For those rooms that are of rectangular shape, it is obligatory to have a mirror on one of the walls, meaning the long one. Therefore, you “cut off” the space and make a room square-shaped. As a rule, people are faced with such necessity to “cut” space in the hallways and corridors.

In bathrooms it’s good to use mirrors, which will correct some possible defects. The same is about glossy surfaces and glass furniture. Also, don’t use frames in the bathroom; to reach the “free and air” effect it’s better to use mirror panels. As for the walls, make them shine with gloss; such York wallcovering perfectly goes together with glass furniture: especially in combination of glass doors and mirror ceiling.

Photo wallpapers

Photo wallpapers, like Phillip Jeffries wallpaper or York wallcovering is an ideal and beautiful way to change space visually and make it larger. But one should take into consideration what the canvas features are. Be selective when choosing the drawings, as not each of them can give you the result that you want.

To make your room look wider, choose those one that enlarge your space, with images with a perspective into depth of the picture:

· Trail of the forest

· Big city streets

· World of the undersea

One more rule is if there are vertical images on the wallpapers they optically make the ceiling look higher.

Choosing Phillip Jeffries Wallpaper in online wallpaper store, as well as applying them to the wall is not an easy process and the designers always have some secrets in their pockets how to place pictures correctly in a small room.

· Don’t use perspective wallpapers in any room, but only in those ones with no windows

· Don’t shadow pictures or cut them with furniture. If you have a photo wallpaper in your room, use low sofas; a bed or a table will also look good

· For the small rooms choose wallpapers with light patterns, and the smaller room is, the lighter this pattern should be

· If your flat is on the sunny side, be sure to use cold colors and shades, and warm colors should be avoided

Quite frequently, the back lighting is used by designers, especially if the rooms are too small. In case of small room, you should take some lamps for backlight. Such built-in illumination adds some volume to a room and makes it much spacious visually.

Wallpaper patterns and colors

When you choose wallpapers for your room in online wallpaper store, you should do it very attentively, as the place of patterns and colors are very important. Many sometimes are careful with combining furniture with light-colored walls because of fear that the whole interior will look boring. But so many design examples show that combination of beige, grey and white can go together quite well, especially in the small room.

One of the main rules is that furniture should differ in color and tone from the wallpapers: furniture should be darker than the entire surrounding.

It is OK if you prefer cold colors, as they are good for making the room wider. But such things are not to be discarded:

· Contrast.

With contrast your room is clearly divided into parts, and this is good but for zoning rooms of large size. As for small rooms, such way of zoning won’t work.

· Deep bright colors.

Again, not for small areas. Such way of making zones is for large spaces.

· Patterns – big and contrast ones.

If used for small rooms, the perception of the area is violated.

Some contrast is quite acceptable, if only one wall is covered with wallpaper with drawing, and it is better if this pattern is geometric. Why is this so important? Color scheme is necessary to be of calm colors and do not differ much from the entire interior. Therefore, it is easy to create eyesight-deceiving effect – it will seem to everybody that the room is big.

There are several rules for decorating walls with wallpaper:

· Opposite sides can be issued in one color scheme, but contrasting them with cold and light shades.

· How to make long walls shorter? To do this, use wallpaper with a small print, a large picture is best left for short walls.

· Diagonal placement of images on the wallpaper can also visually stretch the space.

A method of different color saturation is also common. To achieve the desired effect, the bottom of the walls is covered with darker tones, and the top is lightened. This method is ideal for small rooms with a low ceiling.

You can also alternate wallpaper with and without drawing. However, to expand the volume of the room, monophonic canvases should be larger than wallpaper with ornament.

It is recommended to use glossy coatings. They create an increase in the area of ​​the rooms, because they have the properties to reflect objects opposite them.

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