Phillip Jeffries Wallpaper for Bedroom Makes Your Dreams Sweet

How to fit Phillip Jeffries wallpaper in the bedroom? Which of Phillip Jeffries wallpaper is better for a bedroom? These questions are asked by many owners of apartments, planning another repair. Because the mood of the very first moment in the morning and the last moment of your evening will depend on the bedroom interior. Right choice of Phillip Jeffries wallcovering makes a room wider, conditionally correct imperfection of the bedroom, hide unevenness of walls.

Rules for selecting Phillip Jeffries wallpaper

· Wallpaper with a diagonal pattern will hide niches and irregularities will help. Geometry shifts angle of perception and makes space more dynamic.

· To decorate bedroom in cool colors is possible with glossy aquamarine, pale blue and white wallpaper.

· Rich wallpaper of purple, plum, pale pink, and marine shades will make bedroom look more comfortable.

· For zoning space it is advisable to use colored Phillip Jeffries wallpaper in the tone of interior.

· A bedroom with combined Phillip Jeffries wallcovering will beautify the room.

· Visually reducing ceiling can be achieved with white painting and pasting walls with monophonic wallpaper. A small bedroom will seem bigger and better if you make decoration of light and cool tones. For walls in bedroom to seem higher, it is recommended to paste wallpaper on the far narrow wall with a horizontal pattern.

Phillip Jeffries wallpaper for bedrooms of different styles

What kind of wallpaper to choose for a bedroom depends on your own preferences and style design options?

· For small bedrooms of classical style and modern style, Phillip Jeffries wallpaper of light colors (cream, milk, coffee with milk, beige) will suit.

· Bedroom in high-tech style looks good with the colors of gray metallic, steel, and terracotta.

· Bedroom of ethnic style requires finishing with wallpaper of natural materials of woody or berry color, or Phillip Jeffries wallcovering with imitation of snake and crocodile skins.

· Country-style rooms are best to be covered with bamboo or cork wallpaper. Luxury bedroom looks fashionable with golden, purple, purple, silvery wallpaper, as well as mother-of-pearl wallpaper in the color of hot chocolate.

· Golden, pale pink, blue-green wallpaper of textured silk fabric with abstract prints are very fashionable in elegant houses and apartments.

Influence of color palette of Phillip Jeffries wallpaper

Selection of colors and patterns of wallpaper requires taking into account psychological influence of color on a person:

· Red palette intensifies aggressiveness, sexuality, increases appetite. As an additional color it is more often used in the interior of bedrooms, less often – in the living room. You shouldn’t use red wallpaper in the children's rooms.

· Yellow palette stimulates creativity, harmonizes processes of nervous system. It goes well with other colors but for the living room. Wallpaper of yellow color is better to use in combination with blue, brown, and gray shades.

· Blue palette relaxes, positively affects the loss of appetite, soothes. Blue wallpapers are ideal for men's bedrooms.

· Orange palette looks beautiful. It combines positive characteristics of red and yellow shades. For bedroom, light orange colors, such as peach, apricot, mango, are ideal.

· Green palette is ideal for bedroom. Having a positive effect on the human nervous system, it relaxes, relieves muscle tension. Green wallpaper is good for those who suffer from diseases of cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems. Variants of neutral palette of light green, beige, creamy wallpaper have a harmonizing effect on nervous system and have a beneficial effect on quality of your sleep.

Original patterns affect the emotional state of a person, improve mood and well-being. Remember that sharp angles in patterns subconsciously cause owners of apartments a sense of anxiety, while lines in the form of sea waves soothe. Geometric patterns make interior of bedroom stable, and people in it are self-confident. Flowers prints and trees have a relaxing effect. Wallpapers with drawings of animals make a person softer and kinder. Phillip Jeffries wallpaper in the form of genre paintings become boring and tiresome with time. And unpretentious drawings, on the contrary, promote manifestation of positive emotions and pleasant feelings. Consider that patterned wallpaper is difficult to use because of the joints.

Types of Phillip Jeffries wallpaper

The wallpaper is selected not only by style and color, but also by quality of the material. Distinguish the following types of wallpaper for the bedroom:

· Non-woven (purchased mainly for painting). Among advantages it is necessary to point out: durability, stability to mechanical damages, and reusability option. In addition, they are elastic and have a breathable layer. Putting these wallpapers on the walls is easy.

· Liquid (soundproof, beautiful, comfortable to use, breathable, resistant to burnout, easily replaceable in case of damage).

· Paper (environmentally friendly, have a glossy coating and a water-repellent layer). Among minuses, there are fragility and impracticality.

· Vinyl (there are several options: perforated, non-woven and paper-based). Wallpaper on non-woven base is not practical for a bedroom, because they not let air to go through. The most applicable for the bedroom is perforated wallpaper. It's easy to take care of them. In addition, they are easy to cover walls with them.

· Textile (durable, beautiful, environmentally friendly, suitable for children's bedrooms). Cons: not suitable for owners who have animals, expensive, do not tolerate mechanical influences.

· Natural bamboo or cork (among advantages - non-standard interior, environmental friendliness, creation of a comfortable and non-standard design). Cons: not resistant to moisture and mechanical damage.

When buying wallpapers, consider the fact that they should not stand out against background of overall design of the apartment. Give preference to safe materials and a discreet color scheme.

How to cover walls with Phillip Jeffries wallpaper

Initially, try on wallpaper to figure out how this or that pattern looks and is combined with the general view of the room. This is a difficult task even for professionals. To simplify it, follow these tips:

· Look at the wallpaper in its unfolded form.

· Attach a sample to the wall, spread out, let the seller hold it, and from a distance of 1 m look at how canvases look from the side.

· Buy a trial roll to finally determine the color.

· Ask a seller to choose Phillip Jeffries wallcovering from one collection for you. Remember that different parts of wallpaper are different in tone.

· Correctly combine patterns and colors. It is not necessary to buy a wallpaper of one type and range. You can choose right combination and purchase different canvases, for example, monophonic, with a relief pattern and palettes.

· For each room there is a certain type of wallpaper. In the children's bedroom it is recommended to choose light wallpaper on a paper basis or eco-wallpaper. Since vinyl wallpaper refers to slightly booming, they tend to be pasted in a frequently ventilated bedroom, because a person simply needs fresh air.

Before you decide which wallpaper to choose for the bedroom, examine product certificate. For example, buying vinyl certified wallpaper you will protect yourself from fakes. If there is no certificate, you should not buy wallpaper. But for Phillip Jeffries wallpaper such situations are impossible.

How to paste Phillip Jeffries wallpaper

The most common are two-level pasting wallpaper combining walls. For this purpose, a wall is divided horizontally into two parts, after which it is pasted with canvases.

Tip: in smaller bedrooms we choose more saturated wallpaper. It is better to put them higher. In this case, bottom is separated by a border into the tone of the walls. Such a sticker delimits colors.

You can think over the choice of Phillip Jeffries wallpaper for your bedroom, and then choose unique combinations of pasting walls that will make your room unique.

Since bed is the main thing in the bedroom, it's worth to highlight it. This is easy to do by gluing the room with discount wallpaper. Make a special emphasis on bed, or rather - on its headboard.

Combination of different textures, shades, patterns is excellent. Wallpaper in the form of a rectangle and a square also has a good look. Contrast, decorative textiles and flock are welcome. After thinking about what kind of wallpaper to choose for a bedroom, you can focus on the area of ​​ ceiling above the bed.

Especially Japanese minimalism is welcome. In the city especially we want to have an apartment with a cozy blissful bedroom. A simple and intelligent harmonious combination of decor creates a feeling of comfort in it.

To raise mood you should choose a wallpaper of light colors, but not white. When deciding which wallpaper to put on in the bedroom, choose cream and pearls. Preferably give a rough texture.

Wallpaper in the bedroom is better to combine with a light floor of natural wood. Contrasting interior with a dark floor looks original. This design is suitable for people who are eager to gather their thoughts, tune in to positive emotions.

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