Reasons Why to Go to Teen Travel Camp

With the onset of summer, parents ask a traditional question: where is their child to have rest? But for those who have decided that this year they will certainly send a child to the teen travel camp, the questions are no less.Is a child ready for independent rest? How will the adaptation to a new team happen? What should parents put in a child’s backpack? Is it worth sending to "independent living"?

- If you do not have a grandmother, and you are experiencing all three summer months, your child, left by his own, is busy all day long, then at least one shift in the summer camp will be useful for everyone.

- Fresh air and following strict rules of established regime of a day are beneficial for health.

- Changed situation and surrounding will help to relax from school, and from rules established in the family.

- A new environment often reveals unexpected talents, not noticed in home environment.

As a rule, there are lots of myths about teen travel camp and some parents eagerly believe them. Here are some:

- The comfort level of modern children's summer camps is often inadequate.

- Food in the camp - steam cutlets, soups, cereals, jelly - for many it is unusual and tasteless

- The complexity of adaptation to a new team, compounded by the fact that modern children are increasingly accustomed to communicate exclusively on the Web.

- If summer camp is poorly developed with plan of activities, there is a lot of free time, which has nothing to occupy.

In the teen travel camp children undergo a kind of "school of life": they learn to establish contacts in a new team, take responsibility for their words and deeds, and make decisions without outside help. But this school starts much earlier - from the trip to the resting place. How to organize everything correctly read our 5 main tips (and visit here to read even more).

1. Make sure that a child is ready for rest without parents

If a child went to kindergarten, communicates with new people at school and abroad without problems, went through a "baptism of fire" by independent rest in the village to his grandmother, then it can be sent to a children's camp from the age of 7. It is better not to let children go to the teen travel camp before the age of ten.

The main indicator of a child's readiness for independent rest is the desire of a child to go to a summer teen travel camp. If he is afraid to part with you, it is better to wait a year or two, otherwise the trip will bring only disappointment and tears.

2. Ensure correct moral attitude

Do not show your anxiety; otherwise your child will also begin to worry. Try to make sure that the trip to the teen travel camp is his/her pride and achievement. Emphasize what kind of adult and independent he will be, having lived so long away from his parents.

The best way to talk to your child about possible difficulties without frightening him is to present the problem and its solution by example. Unobtrusive advice from parental experience is perceived better than tedious lectures.

3. Prepare a child for domestic difficulties

For a fairly long time your child will be left to himself, so before leaving, he will have to learn a lot. He should know how to take care of himself: dressing, combing, making the bed and cleaning up the room. The child will be embarrassed to learn necessary skills from strangers.

Such trifles as plaster, peroxide and activated charcoal are better to be always available. If a child needs a special diet, individual medications or he suffers from an allergy, be sure to discuss this with the counselor.

4. Think in advance about the set of things

On his trip your child must be provided with everything necessary. Do not pick up too many clothes and do not think that old and unnecessary things that you were going to throw away will fit for teen travel camp. For children, especially adolescents, fashionable things are an important confirmation of their status, because it is at this age that they begin to pay attention to how they are dressed, and how they look. True, this rule is not applied to expensive gadgets. Leave home tablets, expensive cameras and game consoles. This will save them not only from theft or loss, but also will give your ym ywha camper opportunity to relax switching to healthy children's entertainment - outdoor games, walks, swimming in the sea, river, pool.

Together with your child make a list of necessary things and be sure to put it with your child so that he knows exactly what you need to bring back.

5. Make the right choice for food for the trip

If a teen travel camper goes without your escort, be ready to prepare some food for his trip. It should not contain perishable products. Forget about something like grilled chicken: your child will not remain hungry, fortified with fruits, nuts and lingering cookies, but his rest will definitely not be marred by poisoning. Successful choice for the road is solid cookies, - comments Natalia Mikhneva, MD, doctor-gastroenterologist, and nutritionist of the UNII nutrition. - It is rich in carbohydrates, contains fiber, vitamins B, PP, H and has elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and iodine. Prolonged cookies will not deteriorate at room temperature; it can be safely given to a child on the road, because the shelf life of such cookies is up to 9 months. "

Do not give your child too much food, because according to the sanitary norms of most teen travel camps, children are allowed to keep only mineral water, sweets, cookies, wafers, etc. in the rooms.

Cases when the child is already on the second or third day of "free life" asks to take him home as soon as possible, is not uncommon. And that happens so because, as psychologists say, that it was not prepared. Even if the camp is quite comfortable usual regime, mass of peers and day is worked out literally to the minute, in the evening the child still experiences that the parents are not around.

Many mothers and dads, trying to make their child "want" to go to the teen travel camp, begin to paint an idyllic picture, and this is a big mistake. A child should have a real picture of the upcoming holiday. It is important that he understands from the outset that he will have to live in accordance with the rules and requirements of the camp. Sleep and wake up, eat and walk; besides it will be necessary to make the bed, put things in places, clean in the room, and even listen to the leaders.

"However, do not go to the other extreme and instead of reality frighten the child with" scary stories, "continues Navrotskaya. "After all, not only regime, but also a lot of entertainments and pleasant impressions await him in the camp. Before departure, repeat to the child that you love him and you are going to miss him - in this case, during separation, he will not have feelings of isolation and uselessness. If teen travel camp has days for meetings with parents, it is necessary to come; if the camp is too far from home, call as often as possible.

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