Shopping Cart Software for E-Commerce

A few years ago, e-commerce was a rare notion, because organization of electronic data interchange required significant investments in telecommunications infrastructure, which was only available for large companies and some governmental structures and enterprises. Now, thanks to the development of Internet, e-commerce has become possible for firms of all sizes, including small ones. According to IDC, in 2002 market for e-commerce applications reached $ 7 billion, and volume of online transactions in the US reached $ 100 billion by 2003. Similar forecasts are based on purely economic facts: e-commerce, with its competent organization allows companies to offer a wider range of products and improve customer service at lower costs.

The most notable manifestation of e-commerce development for ordinary users is growth of variety of Internet services that implement business-to-consumer" (B2C) scheme, such as online sale of goods, booking tickets and hotel accommodations, insurance services and Etc. However, Internet services that implement "business-to-business" scheme (B2B, business-to-business), which are less obvious for the end user, are even more intensively developing, for example, as virtual trading platforms that allow to make trade transactions between legal entities.

Enterprises that need to survive in a competitive struggle do not have right to ignore new trends, because otherwise one can remain without customers who prefer more efficient ways of servicing. It can be safely assumed that in the near future the majority of enterprises will be forced to somehow participate in e-commerce, as it already happens in developed Western countries, as well as in some areas of domestic business. And in this case the issue of choosing a solution for implementation of these services is particularly acute.

What shopping cart software may be required for the enterprise to implement a particular type of e-commerce? The answer to this question depends on many factors, in particular, on the profile of the company, on the professional, social and age composition of potential customers, on the volume and nature of operations, on some organizational features (for example, requirements for speed of delivery of goods, security, support for certain Methods of payment), as well as on the existing infrastructure (in particular, how Internet access is implemented).

Electronic commerce (e-commerce) involves more and more sellers and buyers. Turnovers of online trading are estimated to billions of dollars. E-commerce solutions like ShoppingCartElite has a number of undoubted advantages, of which one can distinguish the following:

· Greater openness of the company in relation to customers, interaction with customers is aimed at establishing long-term relationships (Customer Relationship Management (CRM);

· A significant increase in the speed of obtaining information for decision-making - especially in complex trade transactions involving several companies;

· A significant reduction in the cycle of marketing and sales, emergence of possibility of pre- and after-sales support of the product - this particularly applies to shopping cart software (providing detailed information about products and services, documentation, delivery of new versions, etc.);

· Electronic payment for transactions using electronic payment systems;

· The possibility of organizing virtual enterprises - a group of individual professionals or even companies to conduct joint business activities;

· Implementation of business processes jointly managed by company and its trading partners;

· A significant reduction in costs associated with exchange of information through the use of cheaper means of communication;

· The ability to create alternative sales channels, for example, through an e-store on a corporate portal;

· If necessary, facts and frequency of trading operations can be objectively measured by a provider and confirmed by independent auditors, for example, by analyzing log files;

· Distribution of the ownership right to the intangible assets being sold or purchased, for example, information packages in electronic form;

· The market has quite a lot of inexpensive ecommerce software packages for commercial activities on the Internet.

Let’s start without hesitation – we’ve got a lot to talk about. Here are lots of options for your accounting shopping cart software that you can work with (read more here).

FedEx Ship Manager

FedEx® Ship Manager is provided for free and is a self-installing application suitable for all senders. Those senders who want to install an integrated system will need the help of a FedEx service engineer.

Setup: The application can be configured in accordance with the user's requirements as the traffic parameters change

FedEx can provide hardware to senders who handle large volumes of cargo that want to start using the FedEx® Ship Manager software. Together with the hardware, shopping cart software is provided, while the service engineer FedEx installs it, provides training and provides technical support services in the future.

HotWax Commerce

A very good solution for business management. It helps users with the following:

· Business data management

· Real time inventory monitoring

· Logistics optimization

This e-commerce platform helps you keep control on every aspect of your business process, and provides you with high-versatility level. With this shopping cart software it will be easy for you to:

· Collect data and centralize it

· Group different staff and different systems to one dashboard

· Unify, make easy access, and easy to monitor and manage various functions with the data that is disparate

· Make business process work in harmony

· Improve the revenue

· Get more options for efficient work

VIENNA Advantage

It’s a simple formula: CRM DMA (Document management System) = a new, curious and novel ERP. This ERP performs function of CRM&DMA integration. It deploys on loud or on premise. The interface of the platform is built on HTML5, that means it is mobile-friendly and easily adapts to any operational system. The construction of ERP CRM DMS is built for super-efficient management of working process is focused on cooperation with the clients. It is set up in such a way that it encourages teams to work closer on solutions.

System of ERP is adaptable and configurable to any process; it fits your process and makes reports of the healthy condition of your business environment. Having a fast and visible access to a company’s data, you have a possibility to take decision of more informed character and corresponding business actions.


It is created for payment and automation. It will be of great help for you simplifying all the mass payments globally. That is why such shopping cart software if ideal for the companies with their offices worldwide. If you use this tool, it makes it possible to receive payments from almost 200 countries, use the option of currency, and work with six methods of payment, including popular Pay Pal. Tipalti makes completion of daily tasks easier; finance data and finance processes are made on time, accurately and are easily understandable.

Late payments are almost impossible with this shopping cart software. Also, you will be prevented from noncompliance, and your accountant team won’t suffer from overtasking. More functions of the shopping cart software are:

· Flexible options for reconciliation of payments

· Multifunctional financial reporting

· Minimizing downstream issues and errors

· Giving suppliers possibility to input their tax information directly in the portal of Supplier Management

· Using an engine of remittance validation

· Monitoring more than 26 thousands of world standards

· Guarantee for suppliers data integrity


Quite simple shopping cart software. Desktop-based and created for accounting, it works with payrolls, and performs purchases and sales monitoring. The option of double entry makes it possible for accountants to consider their data and extract necessary information making custom reports any time your customer needs them. On the whole, this shopping cart software it will be much easier for you to make reports on inventory, automatic invoicing and providing with direct deposits.

The banking functions this shopping cart software performs are the following:

· Money spending and receiving

· Accounts reconciliation

· Making electronic payments, including separate order for every payment

· Tracking and billing your activities

· Paying salary, vacation or health to your employees

· Repurposing ecommerce software

· Using tool for tracking of inventory

· Integrating it with according programs, like Shopping Cart Elite, to use shopping cart software as an e-commerce solution

Sage 50

One more accounting solution of high quality and highly required in different versions. The feedbacks from the users state that Sage 50 is very easy to be used and has a security based on module level, and some features, specific for the industry. This simple desktop-based shopping cart software is very helpful when working with:

· payables

· cash flow management

· receivables

· billing

Sage 50 is so popular among its users because of its simplicity and absence of unnecessary sounds like whistles or bells, which sometimes confuse users a lot. Also, clients like Sage 50 because of its good structure, flexibility and fast work. These features altogether make the shopping cart software ideal for work within not large accountant teams. Price is very much affordable for such services as management of job and data backup that is performed automatically.

Currently, shopping cart software market usually offers e-commerce tools that allow not only their implementation and operation, but also creation on their basis solutions for a specific company. Typically, such solutions allow you implement the business logic of an e-commerce application by providing various programming interfaces (COM-servers, Java-components, libraries implementing various APIs, etc.) for this purpose. Often they are based on the application not only of server DBMSs, but also application servers, and can also be integrated with ecommerce software for creating Web portals and managing content for Websites. Almost all the leaders of ecommerce software industry, including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, are currently producing similar tools for e-commerce, and often with the products of this class, the term "e-business platform" is used.

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