Top Wallpaper Covering designs and themes 2020

No surprise that house wallcoverings take it to turn to a new modern way of satisfying not only our need to have beautiful homes and spaces, but it could be something that may bring inspiration and contentment to our sight and touch our hearts.

It may be known as cheap and simple in the past decades, yet it could be considered a new masterpiece. These could be a bit bold and confident with its patterns and designs created by top-rated manufacturers.

There are boundless possibilities with wallpaper designs you can choose from, and you will be thrilled on how you can use it to transform your room with the help of a variety of themes and designs that can brighten up your 2020. Read along and be amazed!

List of trending Wallpaper designs you must try.


Decorate in your own way in achieving the result that can captivate one's artistic side. It is a new approach that could give you a unique space and maybe personal for you. You can now start designing your bedroom, living room, even your kitchen Walls with a twist and using extravagant prints. It is has a mid-century vibe and a good as an alternative instead of hiring an artist to paint in your walls. In that way, it is also a cost-effective theme that can be durable at the same time.

You can pick from thousands of schemes or even your own creation printed in a quality peel and stick wallpaper.

3D Textural

Going 3D textural wallcoverings is now a trend by offering inviting texture effects that pop out from your walls. Aside from being eye-catching, people have the tendency to touch it and try and see how it is installed.

There are some owners that event tried to use rugs for their wall to give that funky effect and texture, but you can work it with Phillip Jeffries wallcovering collection. It can give you a cozier feel and a softer vibe to your walls.

A famous brand that can match your taste is the collection of Phillip Jeffries Wallpaper that gives simplicity in the eyes, but once you start to brush your hands on it, you could feel its weathered concrete.

It is carefully created using abaca plants, the same as the quality of those paper mache products.


These types of wallpaper designs are best fit into a high tech designed interior as well as a minimalist concept fo a room.

You should aim for a combination of matte and glossy coatings. It is typically suggested that you pick graphite and black theme for this but not really all-black color. Just have two tones for a more sophisticated effect.

You may also use a matte finish wallpaper by a Metallic effect on walls as it is more interesting and classy.

Animal Print

Animal prints wall coverings deliver a wide array of shades and look. Such prints are fascinating in addition to every room, whether it's a child-friendly design to a more fashionable and stylish pattern. You may choose beautiful butterflies or birds from a forest, as well as lizard scales.

Your animal wallpaper coverings themes options for is almost boundless in creating sentimental inspiration for every space or location. You could also try Schumacher birds and butterflies wallpaper that is in-demand for kids and mothers who love nature.

Grass Cloth Theme

If you care for nature and love to have it around as a house wallpaper in the metro, Grasscloth wallpapers might be perfect for you. Yes, it can be expensive yet elegant, these grasscloth wallcoverings are a beautiful wall decor that fits your wooden furniture in the living room and accentuates your homes and spaces' cleanliness.

It is an eclectic taste for someone who wants to be unique in style. It also requires skill to install than a regular wallpaper but so rewarding when it comes to its eco-friendly output with a breathtaking look. You can find some of the interesting creations of Phillip Jeffries grasscloth collection.

Geometric Wallcovering Theme

Geometric wallcoverings can instantly give a unique art for your walls. You can be playful with the interior of your living room, bedroom, and kitchen room giving an effect of something they are not.

It can also set a mood for a modern-day house, especially for those who would like to have a paste the wall new technology of many outstanding brand wallpapers in the market.


You can never go wrong with a Black and White theme. The monochrome motif is still in for 2020 - a known classic minimalist style for ages that many have always loved.

If you are up to a more Scandinavian style, you can stick to this white, black, and gray tone. While you are someone that likes to set a futuristic mood for your room, you can pick a spiral design or like moving images.

Final Thoughts

Now you have some of the ideas you should use for 2020 and let your year to have a bright and still relaxing vibe while you are at home with the list we have provided. Enjoy, be playful, and pick your theme.

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