White DIY Concrete Countertops - Eye-Catching Countertops Are Always in In-Demand

Perhaps the most important place in any home's kitchen. As for men – most of them like to eat deliciously and to feel comfortable when eating. And for most women-housewives kitchen is a room where they spend almost half of the free time. In addition, in this room friendly and family gatherings always occur.

Each hostess has her own idea of ​​beauty and comfort. According to it, she chooses necessary interior elements and equipment for her kitchen. The same thing is about DIY concrete countertops. Of course, much can depend on the financial well-being of the family, but concrete countertops ratio of price and quality, especially in comparison with marble or granite countertops, makes them more affordable almost for every budget.

For every hostess, kitchen means a lot, because this is a place of communication, discussion, eating, meeting, sometimes even arguing, but anyway, the place of comfort for out stomachs and souls. Therefore, everyone tries to make it so that the interior is pleasing to the eye, and it gives pleasure when working in it. White tones and shades are the best reflectors, so they are preferable for concrete countertops, sinks or wallpaper in the kitchen. The white concrete countertops today are recognized as the most popular and among customers they are in a very high demand due to their quality features.

When making choice for the white concrete countertops, you should still take into account its combination with a common interior, facade, floor covering and other objects. Only such a combination can ensure the livability of the kitchen and create comfort. But not only can you admire these tones in the interior, white furniture needs special care, it should be constantly looked after. Very many mistresses can call the choice of white countertops irrational and impractical, but this opinion can be refuted. To do this, only to follow certain rules, then the cleanliness of white furniture will not be difficult at all.

Concrete Countertop Solutions state that white working surfaces often have a feature, which is the ability to exhibit any stain if you do not wipe away the spilled coffee immediately. It is important to accustom yourself to instantly wipe out any emerging speck, not allowing its manifestation. After a couple of hours, the effort to remove the stain will take much more, and not always the result will be positive. Someone can say that the white tops perfectly withstand the impact of bleaching agents. However, the stain from the products can disappear without a trace, but now it will appear from the corrosion of the surface with a strong preparation.

For regular care of a white top made of artificial stone, use the best soft cloths that do not scratch the surface, and a normal soap solution. Means that contain ammonia, it is forbidden to use, as well as clean the surface with a knife or tools with an abrasive. Ammonia solutions can only clean the surface covered with a laminate. On the stone, they can leave scratches, cuts, even if you just cut off a piece of sausage on such a table top. Cut the food on the cutting board, which is much easier and cheaper to replace.

The white concrete countertop is sure to be marked by many marks, which remain after a hot pan or a frying pan has been placed on it. Doing this in any case is impossible, because the appearance of it will eventually become so sloppy that it will be scary to look at such a table. The original appearance of the white countertop will be obtained by using thermo-insulating elements and special supports for the hot. Daily care of it is very simple, it is enough to have at hand a soft towel or kitchen sponges. No wonder that nowadays paper towels, which are already familiar to many, are in great demand, which are simply irreplaceable in the care of such a surface.

When making a table top made of concrete, especially the colored in white one, even a small puddle of ordinary water will leave a stain if it is not wiped for a long time. Any slight spot of water should be wiped off immediately, which will also help to prolong the life of the countertop and preserve its appearance for a long time. Moisture is especially frightening for countertops made of chipboard with a laminated surface, especially for joints and edges. Gathering in these places, moisture causes swelling of the surface and, naturally, the look of the table will be hopelessly spoiled.

It should also be remembered that the products that were extracted from the freezer and left for the cutting on the tabletop also do not contribute to maintaining the integrity of the table surface. Sharp temperature changes also do the trick, why on a surface exactly so there are every possible damages. It is better to combine the products that you want to thaw in a colander and put in a large bowl, which you can then just rinse and put in place.

Kitchen furniture white for many years will retain its original appearance and will delight family members and guests with its beauty, if immediately accustom yourself to fulfill these simple rules of furniture care. After all, kitchen can safely be called the most important room in the house, therefore, it should always be not just beautiful, but very clean. Moreover, the health of family members also depends on the purity, because most cooking processes are performed on kitchen tables. Therefore, we should not allow the ingestion of harmful microorganisms into the products used and ready-made foods, because there are enough bacteria around us.

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