Zen Cart Review: Shopping Cart Software’s Prevalent Features and Characteristics

Building an online store using Ecommerce app such as open source shopping cart has gained popularity with lots of companies. Excellent security, useful features and ability to sell various goods – all this makes Zen Cart a great option for businesses in different kinds of industries. We will try to give you an objective Zen Cart review written with consideration of many other Zen Cart reviews found on the Internet.

Majority of shopping carts used for building a web presence have one of the two shortcomings: they have a price that is too high, or they do not have a good variety of tools and options. This Zen Cart review can prove that installing Zen Cart is a smart move. Firstly, it is an open source soft, so it will not drain your company’s budget, and secondly, it appears to be full of useful features no other soft can provide. In our Zen Cart review, we would like to point out that the program has been created using combined efforts and knowledge of business people, developers, and analysts who are confident that Internet commerce needs to be constantly improved.

The creators of this shopping cart soft realized that many other solutions on the market do not offer enough simplicity and ease of use. Many other shopping carts remind a sort of confusing drills for programmers rather than applications that meet the needs of end-users. This Zen Cart review will prove you that this feature-rich soft can be set up by any person who has some elementary knowledge of web design and computers. Many Zen Cart reviews indicate that even most of its rivals, offering commercially developed applications have a difficulty competing with the richness of characteristics and the quality of service provided by Zen Cart. As far as technical characteristics, Zen Cart requires PHP (4.4 version for best operation), MySQL and Apache.

Who can use Zen Cart?

It is important to mention in this Zen Cart review that this shopping cart solution can serve companies of basically any type and size. It is good for the e-shop scalability when the business starts to expand and grow. Also, one of the pluses is that there are no charges or need in the expensive training course. Zen Cart can be customized utilizing a robust admin center and template changing options. As we already emphasized in this Zen Cart review, this software is applied in different countries by companies of various types and sizes. Zen Cart Website showcases many different businesses that are currently using the product.

What is Zen Cart used for?

In our Zen Cart review, we need to point out, that this Ecommerce application is used by many businesses to set up and administer an online shopping cart quickly. Cumbersome and difficult to install applications of Zen Cart competitors cannot do any good to merchants because they need to spend money to hire help for their installation. Zen Cart is straightforward as far as setting up, and it can keep expanding when the shop grows. It is limitless when it comes to the sort or quantity of items that company can sell using this shopping cart soft.

Some most useful options of Zen Cart

It is important to accentuate your attention in this Zen Cart review on a variety of prominent features this shopping cart offers to its end-users. First of all, it is a simplicity of creating and updating the listings of products. Among some other interesting options worth mentioning in our Zen Cart review is its developed array of various templates. Zen Cart can also boast such useful feature as override option for its code (as we mentioned earlier in our Zen cart review), the programming language that is used in this soft is PHP), so when performing upgrades of the shopping cart this feature helps to save all kinds of customization done earlier). Also, there are lots of tools for labeling products as free or featured as well as categorizing and linking the items. It allows to enable and disable any category with ease. Moreover, merchants have lots of possibilities to configure and customize the front-end side. We would like to also mention in this Zen Cart review integration options for adding, for example, a forum and other useful items.

Some issue with Zen Cart

Based on Linux, this type of software requires an understanding of this operating system. Moreover, a person installing the soft needs to know how to work with such thing as “permissions.” Editing permissions is not a very complicated task, but this must be done to configure the software. When this phase is completed, a merchant can start creating databases using Admin page.

Competitors of Zen Cart

Ecommerce shopping cart software has become one of the most important types of the application software produced nowadays. Zen Cart reviews point out at many rivals of this soft, such as OSCommerce, Storefront, Ecommerce Shopping Cart and others. However, the standout characteristics of Zen Cart make this product one of the most desirable for merchants.


No other software can beat Zen Cart as far as price since it is free of charge. On top of that, it is a stable, dependable, scalable software full of safety features. Merchants who are searching for an excellent software program for their e-stores must take a closer look at Zen Cart. It can fulfill the needs of various size companies, from small shops to large stores with a wide variety of items. Zen Cart provides for its users a video training course explaining how to use the product. It guides a new customer through the setup process and administration of the software. The videos help to get a better understanding of not only Zen Cart, but also Ecommerce in general. The video teaches how to put up items and explains testing procedures to make sure the shop would run correctly. Many built-in features need to be explained to new customers. For example, merchants must know how to set up shipping methods as well as payment options.

Let’s summarize standard features of this software mentioned as a prevalent in many Zen Cart reviews across the web: easy customization and simple integration with payment modules; ability to operate with any hosting service ensuring not only freedom of choice, but also the possibility of company’s domain retention. But what’s most important, this Ecommerce shopping cart software can be configured and set up immediately without much knowledge of programming languages. Just create your e-shop and start accepting payments for your goods.

This article provides more information on this Ecommerce software and its features.

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