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Hi Visibility T-Shirts – What Do Your Staff Really Need?

For any business that has spent time on a construction site, you know that there isn’t a person in sight that isn’t wearing hi vis workwear. Companies spend vast amounts of money on fluoro’s that help their employees stand out from the crowd – yet it can be hard to know what your staff really need, especially if you’ve never invested in quality workwear yourself. If you’re wondering what high visibility t shirts are best suited to your business, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we outline the legal requirements you need to meet to ensure their safety, as well as the advertising potential you should consider to boost your brand.

Meet Safety Standards

The first thing that must be kept in mind when investing in any form of hi vis workwear is the Australian Safety Standards. There are a number of rules and regulations that apply when on a worksite, and the clothing we wear is included – thanks to AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 High Visibility Safety Garments.

These rules state that hi visibility t-shirts and other clothes must have at least 02.m2of fluoro orange or yellow; meaning the pinks, greens and reds that are often seen are in fact, not up to code. There are also rules that must be addressed when it comes to reflective silver panelling: Class D clothing, designed for day wear, does not need reflective panelling. Class N clothing on the other hand, designed for night wear, requires reflective tape at least 50mm thick to circle the body and arms. It’s also important to note that for clothes worn at night, white is easier to see than fluoro’s, as it’s the sun’s rays that make fluoro pop. Keep that in mind if your business operates primarily in the evening.

Lastly, if you work throughout the day and night, such as dusk or dawn work, then you may want to invest in Class D/N workwear – with fluoro and reflective panelling, ensuring it can be seen at any time. Before investing in any tops, vests or jackets, make sure they are designed with the Australian safety standards in mind.

Stand Out on Site

The reason these laws are in place is to ensure your employees are safe whilst at work. As the name suggests, hi visibility t-shirts are designed to make your staff easier to see while they go about their day to day tasks, be it road work, construction work or even mining. Low lighting and dusty conditions make it hard to spot people who aren’t in fluoro’s – and drivers who aren’t paying attention may not notice workers who aren’t brightly dressed. Include your branding and business name, and your employees won’t just stand out against potential threats, but they will also be advertising your company wherever they go!

Protection from the Elements

Another bonus of a well-designed hi vis t-shirt is the protection it offers your staff from the elements. With short sleeves ideal for mild weather and indoor work, and long sleeves perfect for keeping warm in winter and sun smart in summer, the workwear you invest in is dependent on when and where your employees spend most of their time.

Clearly, hi visibility t-shirts are a must for any business that values its workers safety, as the Australian standards are there to protect staff on job sites where accidents caused by vehicles or heavy machinery may occur. However, hi vis tops also offer an excellent advertising space that businesses should gladly take advantage of – making them an all-round excellent choice for any company. To ensure the result is exactly what you’re looking for, work with an experienced and talented team that specialises in promotional workwear.

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