Buy Quality Travel Clothing and Wear it out

For more than ten years, the clothes which are used ones which the citizens of financially wealthy or rich countries dispose of for almost every week found ready purchasers very easily outside their own countries. Salvation Army, What Goodwill, and the organizations like these could not be able to sell by keeping them in their stores. Another option they are unable to exercise is to provide these clothes to homeless people. They would rather ship these clothing items abroad in the number of tons to be able to sell the item in the local markets. Some would definitely become the scrapped items, to be able to utilize as towels or blankets for a new journey.

This particular cycle of using and scrapping has already started to gradually break down, somehow or the other. In Bloomberg, there was a story published in the previous year which contains these words “No one really now wishes to use the used clothes anymore”. The writer excitingly described as to how the trend of ‘fast fashion’ and the existence of Chinese apparel manufacturers of cheaper manufacturing are defeating the organized system where used clothes made by clothes manufacturers are shipping around various countries and are used for the second time or utilized for different purposes like towels or blankets or sometimes rough clothes for dusting the furniture.

That particular article pin pint and rightly criticized the exact focusing of the market’s small market. However, others related to this industry or have a sound knowledge of this system are hammering the alarm from a considerable period of time. Another article published in the BBC confirms for the donation. The articles intimated that the donation option is open, but the cast-offs’ market is not open.

In most of the ways, this cycle is the virtuous one. But merely 10 percent to 20 percent of the clothes come through donation are sold actually via shops of charity such as Oxfam’s etc.

The leftovers are sold to the clothes distributors who sort out these clothes and ship these to other countries like Malaysia, Pakistan, etc. where the used clothes are sold in secondary clothing markets or they are recycled for the making of products such as fleece.

There exist just one issue: the countries mentioned above are not more interested in our exported used clothes.

While the markets of used clothes are still very significant. It carries the entire half related to the public market where I have my living house located in Mexico. The lowering of prices by the apparel manufacturers and the quicker cycles of new items have originated a side effect which is negative. There exist a glut related to utilized apparels which are available on the worldwide scale. As the article figured out by Bloomberg, global production by clothes manufacturers for clothing has now reached to twice since 2000. People tend to scrap items after wearing it for two to three times. Majority of the blame goes to the fashion which is getting faster and faster. Also, the outfits which are disposable and the fact that people now going towards overstuffing of their closets with necessary or unnecessary pieces of stuff. But, this world would look or become better if we prepare ourselves to send fewer pieces of stuff to the bin related to Goodwill.

Purchase what is really meant to remain:

So here comes an idea. Purchase those clothes which in your honest opinion, will last for a longer period of time. And you have full confidence that you wear these more and more.

That has been long and bold if we talk about Patagonia, but they come in the category of rare, to be honest. Most of the companies wish to sell the customers as many clothes against the less they want to purchase. Customers like most of us will disregard the most important aspect of environmental impact. When Pantagonia went on to run the advertisement, it certainly got so much attention.

They took their point far and wide. The reason is the press give them a lot of attention to this campaign. However, the message from them was really simple: Purchase quality and utilize it for a long period of time. Do not make your soul addicted to new and trends of fashion. Do not make the excuses like “I am unable to afford quality.” Just think that if you purchase on the cycles of sale as against cycles of fashion that alone cut down your clothing or purchasing budget to half. As it was mentioned earlier that a lot of clearance sale is exhibited or advertised in different stores. You can always easily come across your favorite fashion brand. Just do not get yourself attached or obsessed towards another container of clothing stud for the relevant season.

But what are the yardsticks that you are obtaining really good quality? If the particular brand is operating for more or less 20 years; it means they really care for the customer and this huge period of twenty years is a very healthy sign of quality. But clothing companies can go downhill and change hands. Therefore this is not the perfect measurement to judge. Warranties offered too is a reasonable clue. Not many apparel brands offer a guarantee for lifetime, but some offer too. I have maundered about so many brabds as regards guarantee such as Eddie Bauer, LL Bean, Darn Tough, Outdoor research and off course Pantagonia. Some of the warranties cover limited aspects like a minor defect. These include Moountain Hardware, Marmot, North Face, Smith Optics, and Gore-tex. Personally, I am amazed regarding Ex Offcio’s clothing’s durability. There are clothes I have put on 50 times and I still feel good to look in these similar to when I wear them for the very first time. Many of the preferred items I keep in the bag for any kind of trip are usually the same items that I kept 2 to 3 years ago.

So ponder to complete your part. Try to put on few pairs related to jackets and travel pants before scrapping these.

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