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What Is Roblox? How Does It Work? And What Are The Robux?

The gamers (gamers) are a loyal group. Some are Fortnite fans, others love Minecraft and a few million around the world think that Roblox is the best video game. With intense multiplayer games and a sophisticated game building tool, Roblox gives you variety, creativity, competition, and socialization, largely for free. Some people are even making money at Roblox. Roblox has the potential to be a learning tool similar to Minecraft, but it has its disadvantages. Because all its content is generated by users, children can have contact with the content of all kinds, but most of it is suitable for preteens and teenagers. A good part is simply annoying, such as advertising and the incessant demand to buy the "Robux", the currency of the Roblox game. And a small part is very worrisome, such as abusive behavior and user forums where there is explicit sexual content. However, paying attention to warning signs, privacy settings, and other security precautions, children can have a good experience playing Roblox. The key is to understand how it works and how your children can use it safely. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of this absorbent, creative and powerful multiplayer video game.

What is Roblox ?

Roblox is an online gaming platform where you can play video games designed by other users and create and share your own games using the game development tool patented by Roblox. Once you sign up, you can play countless games, develop and share your creations, and chat with other users, all for free. However, if your children take Roblox seriously, they will need the Robux, and they will probably want to subscribe to the Developer Club, which offers additional features in exchange for a membership fee. How does Roblox work?

Roblox offers two equally attractive modalities: play games and create games. After registering, you have unrestricted access to both modalities (however, most children enter there to play). You can choose from an infinite offer of creative and fun challenges in various categories, from shooter games to murder, sports, and fighting mysteries. (It's frustrating that you can't sort the games by genre, so finding the ones you like is usually a trial and error process.) You can also download Roblox Studio and develop your own games. The quality of the games varies a lot, but good developers tend to climb to the top of the feed so they are easier to get. Some amateur developers use Roblox as a kind of portfolio to show their work to potential employers. For children who are interested in creating their own games, Roblox offers many instructions, tutorials, and a collaborating player community. (in English). Creators can obtain economic benefits for their games, both by charging people for playing their games and by offering purchases within them, which is generally necessary to advance the games.

What are the Robux?

The Robux is the currency of the Roblox game. You use them for a variety of things, including the purchase of special costumes or animations for your avatar, unique game skills, weapons, and other objects. There are different ways to get Robux: you can buy them, get them as part of your subscription, make exchanges or get someone to donate some. You can also win them by charging Roblox users for playing the games you have created and charging for items in your games.

How much does Roblox cost?

Roblox uses a freemium model. You can do a lot in Roblox for free, including playing many games and using the Roblox Studio game generator. But to do something beyond the basics, such as animating your avatar or buying and exchanging weapons, you need the Robux. The company offers several subscription models in its Developer Club membership program: the “Classic” costs $ 5.95 per month or $ 57.95 per year; the "Turbo" costs $ 11.95 per month or $ 85.95 per year; and the "Extravagant" is the most expensive, $ 19.95 per month or $ 129.95 per year. You get a certain amount of Robux daily depending on your subscription level. TIP: There are some sites like free robux that are very reliable to get free robux .

What is the minimum age to play Roblox?

Roblox does not specify a minimum age. Users of any age can create and join groups, chat and interact with others. The company's commitment to the pedagogical theory of "constructivism," which promotes the educational benefits of curiosity, design, and construction, is theoretically appropriate for anyone who can understand and play a game. In practice, however, such an open approach can bring some risks for children, especially for the little ones. And although Roblox has some safety precautions, it is still one of the places where people with bad intentions try to contact children. Even so, thanks to the learning potential it offers Roblox , Common Sense Media qualifies it as acceptable for users older than 10 years. We recommend that parents help children to protect themselves by activating the privacy settings, teaching them to recognize the methods that internet offenders use to gain their children's trust and take advantage of them, and showing children how to report them. inappropriate behaviors and block users

Are there parental controls in Roblox?

Roblox offers controls that allow parents to restrict how children can interact on the site. You can control if children can be contacted, who can send them messages, and who can chat with them, and do some other things in contact settings. To enable these settings, add your email address to your child's account and create a PIN (number key) that prevents children from changing the settings again. Controls are optional and children of any age can create a Roblox account without restrictions from their parents. In the accounts of children under 13, Robloxset the most stringent settings by default, but the child could change them if the parents have not created a PIN.

Can you earn real money with Roblox?

Yes, you can earn real money at Roblox. In fact, dedicated developers can earn large amounts of money. Roblox offers some different models of income generation, which include charging others for access to the games you create, charging additional fees within your game and selling unusual items for which other players are willing to pay. To earn money, you must be over 13 years old, be a member of the Developer Club in the Extravagant mode and have at least 100,000 Robux in your account. Then you can redeem the Robux to the company for real money. 100,000 Robux is 350 dollars.

Can you chat on Roblox, and is it safe?

Roblox encourages users to interact through its Chat & Party function. Everything that is discussed in the chat is filtered, which means that inappropriate language is replaced by symbols. The chat of the accounts of children under 13 has even more filters. Roblox also has human monitors that monitor and are attentive to inappropriate content and language.

How do children learn about the existence of Roblox?

If your child likes Roblox, you can find many related videos on popular gaming platforms such as Twitch, Miniclip, and YouTube Gaming. There are also the " Let's Plays" , which is when players broadcast themselves live playing Roblox games, news, and analysis of Roblox fans. Some of these videos have an indecent language, therefore, check our YouTube guide for suggestions on how to prevent children from being too exposed or having contact with content inappropriate for their age. Reference:

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