Anna Campbell

5 Surprising Benefits Of Marijuana Tea

There has been a lot of buzz regarding cannabis in public awareness in recent times. This has a lot to do with a number of states in the U.S. legalizing the use of medical marijuana, with other states even legalizing its recreational use. This has spurred many impassioned arguments for and against the drug but it has led many to rethink their stance on its use.

For many years, the medical community has been leaning towards cannabis as an alternative way of treating a number of physiological and mental illnesses. But the government's tight grip and complete ban of the substance has limited many scientists and researchers in the study of the plant. But now that many government bodies have lifted their ban on cannabis, it has allowed researchers to push forward and understand how cannabis affects the human body.

When it comes to consumption, there are different ways cannabis can be consumed. The most common way is through smoking it. But not many are keen on inhaling the plant as it can cause a number of respiratory problems. An alternative way is through eating cannabis-infused products like baked goods. One popular way is by drinking its tea form which offers a lot of benefits. Many dispensaries, both online and physical stores like CheapWeed is offering high quality marijuana products at lower prices.

1. Decrease chronic pain

One major reason that people drink marijuana tea is due to the pain they are feeling, especially chronic pain. People suffering from cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis and other chronic pain have testified to the effectivity of marijuana tea in decreasing their pain symptoms. This is due in part to a compound found in the plant, cannabidiol. This compound has anti-inflammatory effects on the body that helps to decrease the presence of pain.

2. Helps with nausea

For many cancer patients, cannabis has been a huge help. Those who undergo chemotherapy know that one of its side effects is nausea. Cannabis has been proven to be quite effective in decreasing nausea in cancer patients, allowing them to hold down food which they need to stay healthy during their therapy.

3. Good for autoimmune disease treatment

Marijuana tea, according to many experts, can be an adjunct treatment for irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Studies on its therapeutic effect are still underway but many attribute the plant's anti-inflammatory property in helping manage the signs and symptoms of these diseases.

4. Increases appetite

Getting the "munchies" is a common feeling that many recreational users of cannabis feel when using the drug. This is the acute onset of hunger-related to cannabis use. Those wishing to gain weight have used this property of the drug to increase their appetite. Cancer patients and others suffering from debilitating diseases where their appetite is suppressed have also turned to use marijuana tea to stimulate their appetite and help them increase their food intake.

5. Helps with anxiety

The property that most recreational users of marijuana look for is its ability to calm their mind. The plant's compounds, particularly THC, induce the feeling of relaxation which helps people who suffer from anxiety. Even those with depression have recounted elevated mood when they use marijuana.

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