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A Guide to Choosing Precision Metal Stamping Suppliers

Precision is want makes metal stamping near to perfection. Are you looking for precision metal stamping suppliers? If yes, you need to spend enough time in considering all aspects that make metal stamping suppliers stand out in the market. There are thousands of commitments given by many politicians and precision metal stamping suppliers as well. But who follows through with these commitments? Very few for sure!

Commitment to quality, price and delivery is one thing but sticking to it is whole another thing. But how do you be sure about it? Here is a perfect guide to do so:

What is the quality to expect?

One thing is for sure, if the company does not have reputed quality certifications it is for a reason. So, you need to interview the company just like interviewing a prospective employer and analyse why you should hire them. At times, the requirements you have might not necessarily require a company to be ISO certified, but if it is then you can also get an idea as to how much efforts they have put in to get to this stage.

What are their objectives?

As you spend time in looking for your prospective metal stamping suppliers you need to also ensure that they have a proper set of objectives that are carefully measured on a consistent basis. As you conduct an interview with the management, it will help you get a clear idea about what their prospective are and what they do in order to meet their improved objectives on a consistent basis. Ask about their objectives on timely delivery, customer reject rates, working on customer complaints, and so on. All of the reports should show how the company is constantly working towards improving the existing standards.

What are their priorities?

As you look for precision metal stamping suppliers also look for what are their priorities as a business. What are their reinvestment priorities? Are they expanding their business in their capabilities and capacities? Are the suppliers open to add more capacities if there is more business potential? How is their R&D department? These questions will help you analyse where the company is heading and what you can expect from them a few years down the line. Well, at times it may be good to go with reliable companies in the business from years rather than a new company with promising deals.

How is their procurement done?

It is good to get an idea about their procurement terms and processes as well. Can they source you material when in need? What all material can they get and in what timeframe? You need to ensure that they are a dependable source and have good relationship with the material suppliers. A longstanding relationship will reflect on their efficiency in procurement section. You want your production running as smoothly as possible. Once you hand over your precision metal stamping project, you definitely would not like to hear that there is a lack of material available. So it is good to check their procurement strategies and how well are they equipped to get material from international sources as well.

Is the workforce trained regularly?

Workforce is a crucial aspect that is important for any business. If the workforce is efficient from basic to the most crucial department, every other thing will work smoothly. However, with time there are lot of changes in policies, quality requirements, strategies, materials, and overall functioning. In simple words, the processes are upgraded with time but are the workforce upgraded or trained? It is common these days for companies to hire untrained contract help for their production because it is a cheap labour that does most of the manual work. But at the end of the day, the cheap labour also results in cheap results in production. If these conditions are not supervised and controlled there are chances of really expensive mistakes.

So as a client it is important to check how the current workforce is trained to work on several processes and latest technologies and strategies. This will help you get a clear idea of what you can expect when your project is being handled.

A tour of the plant

As you choose the metal stamping suppliers, most of the questions will be answered in a physical tour. Do not just rely on the pictures and reports, but also make sure that you pay a personal visit to the plant. As you personally walkthrough the plant you will be able to see the whether there is a proper work policy at place. You will also see how the company is organized and if there are certain areas that may hinder or enhance your project. All these things will help you get a clear idea about whether or not the suppliers follow what they profess.

Eigen: A reputed metal stamping supplier

When it comes to choosing a reputed metal stamping supplier, Eigen is not far behind. Eigen has a reputation of being the most reliable precision metal stamping supplier from the last two decades. Throughout the years, Eigen has stuck to its motto of always delivering more than what the clients expect in terms of production, quality, and shipment. The plant is located in business hub of India, Bangalore City, and is very well connected to the global clientele. The use of latest technology, efficient workforce, stringent quality control measure, efficient procurement and shipment policies, and an ever enthusiastic and experienced team of engineers is what sets Eigen apart from the rest.

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