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Make Your Home Pest-Free: Preventions, DIYs, Exterminator Service & Much More

Are you confused about the fact that after maintaining proper sanitation at your place, pests still grow and never leave your house? These tiny unwelcome guests could create you a lot of trouble. But, there could be small little details that you might be missing, which is giving chances to pests to grow. If pests are troubling the structure of your house and affecting the health of your loved ones then you should book an appointment with exterminator services soon. There are many exterminator services in St. Lucie County which claims the complete pests removal and visible results from day one. But if you don’t have any pests problem, then we are happy for you but there are a few prevention tips that you should implement to prevent pests to enter your happy place. So, read on and live a pest-free life!

Maintain a Healthy Living by Preventing Pests Entering Your Home

You are lucky if your house is already pests free but as a house owner, you must maintain this. And if you have pests in your house, then you definitely need to follow prevention tips.

Make sure that there are no holes and crack from any entrance that could provide a path for the pests to enter. Check for the utilities and pipes intake.

Trim the long branches and shrubs that could help pests to get inside.

Every place in your house should be well ventilated, pests get attracted to the damp place. So, keep all the corners, basement dry.

Dump garbage every day and store it covered. So, that it doesn’t attract any pests.

Pay some extra attention to the hygiene of your kitchen. Keep the food in airtight containers. Clean the dishes in the night only. Don’t let dirty dishes be a reason for pests to grow.

Don’t store firewood in the house. Keep them at least 20-30 feet away and grounded.

It would be better if you call professional help for preventional advice so that they can help you analyze your place better.

Pest Removal: Exterminator Service and DIYs

If pests do occur even after taking all the preventive measures then you should immediately take professional help. Numerous companies offer services for exterminator services in St. Lucie County, claims visible results from the first day of the process. They have better suggestions for hygiene maintenance, prevention methods. Ask them if they are going to provide service for a contract based for some limited period or you have to call for service every time you need it.

Although we recommend you to go for an exterminator service only if you have pests problem. But if the pests quantity is less and you want to try your hand in some DIYs, then you can try the following. Make sure you keep children away during the procedure.

To Kill Cockroaches - Mix equal parts of sugar and baking soda well and spread it to places where cockroaches might make a home for themselves.

To Kill ants, flies, wasps, mites - Cucumber is known to be a good solution to kill these.

To Kill Mice - for this, you can swab a cotton ball in peppermint oil and place it on the suspected region. Also, alcohol can be sprayed on the suspected place to kill various pests.

To Kill Bed Bugs - Try steam cleaners, and clean all the clothes and blow them dry.

To Stop Pests Breeding - Plan a neem tree in your house.

Safety Points to Consider While Pest Removal Process

There are few safety points that you should consider while pest removal process because the pesticides are not safe for humans. These points need to be considered either you are following a DIY process or you taking professional exterminator help.

Make sure kids and pets are away during the process.

If you have an aquarium, then either remove it during process or cover is tight.

Only the targeted area needs to be covered with the pesticide, not the whole house.

If you are doing it yourself then read the directions well about the pesticide.

Conclusion - It’s important that you get rid of these tiny troubles soon, and if they are not troubling you then you must prevent them. You can always take professional help because nothing is more important than maintaining a healthy and pest-free home.

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