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How to create your own taxi service app like uber

When every business was endeavouring for the solution, Uber brought the revolutionized changes in the service market on a large scale and made it on demand service the new trend, which eventually moved into cleaning, designing, food, and various other industries.

Are you looking to create apps like Uber? Here given the features which you need to focus on while developing a taxi booking app.

The foremost thing, while it comes to developing taxi booking app, you need to create two different apps, and both would be connected to the admin portal one for the driver and another one for the passenger.

Passenger’s functionality in Apps like Uber

• Login/Registration – There are numerous ways to allow registration such as email, phone number, and the most implementation of this features is social media.

• Taxi booking – Most important screen which allow you to enter your address, and set pick up location.

• Fare calculator – This will enable you to calculate your estimated fare, it is also a complex one to implement on the backend side of the system.

• Driver tracking – Given feature help you to observe driver movement during the journey.

• Payment – There are many ways to make a payment such as credit/debit cards, PayPal or directly in cash.

• Push Notification – It’s a vital element for informing about the trip request status, driver arrival time, driver and car detail, etc.

• Messaging – With this you can contact the driver from the app.

• Rating & review – It enables you to write feedback about the driver, vehicle or trip.

• Travel History – It gives you the detail from your previous rides and all the transaction.

• Customer support – This feature will enable the customer to connect with the customer support team in case of an emergency.

Drivers Functionality in Apps like Uber

• Driver profile & status – It helps to verify the driver documents like license, vehicle insurance, etc.

• Trip Alert – Most important screen of the driver app it enables you to receive trip orders to accept or deny.

• Push notification – It helps you to show taxi app booking information like location, route, payments, etc.

• Navigation & Route optimization – Allows the best trip route using maps

• Driver delivery reports – It helps you give statistical information regarding trips and earning on a daily or monthly basis.

• Messaging – Given feature help you to call or text the passenger from the app.

Admin Panel for Taxi Booking Apps like Uber

The central point is required to keep all the track of customer satisfaction and control all the driver process. In this way, the web-based admin panel should be developed to manage customer, driver, orders, location, payments and other business processes in taxi service app.

• Fares Management

• Driver & User Management

• Booking Management

• Vehicle Management

• Review Driver’s Orders & Payoffs

• Check Ratings & Reviews

• Notifications Management

• System Content Management & FAQ

• Promotions & Discounts Management

• Driver & User Support

• Integration with Google Analytics

Business should consider the initial intention of building an app or similar to the uber app. One option can be to develop a taxi-hailing app for a local taxi driver. Along with that, it is essential to consider how to make a user-friendly and attractive app like Uber apart from the smooth technical implement. This is where UI/UX design comes in pictures. General recommendation regarding the design within an app like Uber includes below points.

• User-friendly experience.

• Spontaneous app flow within the app’s taxi booking process.

• Attractive graphics and visual elements.

Revenue Streams in Uber-like Apps

Business should think about the building a revenue model embedded within your Uber-like app development beforehand. Uber does not have its own car park company utilizes drivers with their own vehicle. Profit comes from rides while the Uber calculator combines one or more criteria like:

• Base fare - Flat fee depends upon a car type and area cost per mile.

• Cost per minute - Fare comes from the GPS indication.

• Booking fee - Fee which covers some operational costs.

The app like Uber uses a dynamic pricing model, which based on surge pricing that correlates with the current traffic situation, driver availability, holiday seasons, etc. This same kind of pricing is also popular among other services like Airbnb, hotel booking services but these have limited supply since many users are ready to pay the extra to get the service.

How Much Does the Uber App Cost?

Making a taxi service app like Uber depends on several factors such as:

• The complexity of features.

• Design aspects.

• The number of platforms and operating system details.

• Technology preferences.

• Development team capabilities, location, & rates.

So, the bottom line is before getting down for implementing your apps similar to uber development idea and get success like Uber; then you need to learn from for forgoing takeaways they can help you to develop a taxi booking app like Uber.

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