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Reasons to choose Panacea for e-Commerce Website Development

You must be wondering about the reasons why some e-commerce stores consistently generate high revenue for a long term. Panacea Infotech is a Magento development company in USA that develops such online stores. This happens because of the exclusive website design and the inclusion of fundamental features such as a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate and user-experience-driven design. This company ensures that the following elements exist on the e-commerce website.


We select a Content Management System (CMS) platform that can manage both the security and shopping cart integration. Customers should feel relaxed that their personal information is safeguarded. So, we insist on buying an SSL certificate. When customers feel that the website is secure, the possibility of purchase is more.

Creativity in design

When customers visit your online store for the first time, they form an opinion based on website design. Because you have a unique business, you must ensure that the online portrayal is also unique. If you select a template, there exists a risk that your website will appear identical to some other site. You want to be careful that your e-commerce store and brand are not similar to another business. Hence, we make it a point to invest in custom website design where our developers can use their creativity to bring your vision into reality.

Mobile-friendly features

Mobile devices are part and parcel of our routine. So, we develop online stores that are mobile-friendly. As your website will be accessible on mobile, you will obtain more traffic and money, due to the broad audience. The following statistics prove this point. The worldwide e-retail sales were 1.9 trillion USD in 2016, and they are estimated to grow to 4.06 trillion USD by 2020.

Another factor is that in the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) algorithms of Google, one of the key factors is mobile friendliness. To rank higher on searches on mobiles, we design a mobile-optimized or responsive website.

Ability to track orders

Your customers are interested to know when the shipping of their items is being done and when the delivery can be expected. We elevate the confidence of your customers in your brand by arranging for automated shipping notification emails and order confirmation emails. After registration of a customer, the customer should be able to log on to the account to track an order. When customers are kept updated, they appreciate the brand. So, it becomes essential to send notifications through mobile or email.

We hire Magento developers with all such objectives in mind.

Hosting of the website

For SEO and customer experience, the speed of loading of the site is crucial. If a website loads within three seconds, there exist several advantages as compared to those that require more time. We choose those platforms that possess native SEO features and provide apps to assist customers with search optimization.

Inbuilt SEO features

We understand that you require an e-commerce store that facilitates users to have control over permalinks for every product page, tags, keywords, meta descriptions, title tags, and content.

Reviews of Products

As per a study by iPerceptions® and CompUSA®, if a product is accompanied by reviews and ratings, 63 percent of customers give a hint that they are more likely to buy from the online store. It is important to note that although the e-commerce store efficiently promotes its products, other customers’ reviews have a definite effect. With this in mind, we arrange for product reviews and ratings and facilitate the ‘word of mouth’ to augment your business.

We can design in two ways to allow reviews to have an impact on your sales:-

The inclusion of a separate landing page that has top user reviews: It should feature short blurbs that have been posted by customers who are registered on the online store. This is a very efficient method, which can entice several visitors to the page.

Integration of a 1-10 scale rating system or a 5-star rating underneath every product: In this method, customers can provide the rating in minimal time with a few clicks.

In both the following approaches, our concept is to look up to your website as a physical store where visitors can browse in a free manner and communicate with one another. We opine that visitors must get a feel of being involved.

A Wish List

Your customers can use a Wish List to save items on the e-commerce website and then later, come back to the Wish List to buy these items. Our aim of including a Wish List is that it results in better customer satisfaction. The underlying reason of this enhancement in comfort is that customers can schedule the items as per their personal choice.

The advanced search features

In today’s hectic world, customers prefer speed in purchases also. We use an advanced search option on the online store to facilitate customers to look for the products in an easy and fast process. We also enable customers to navigate as per the brand, category, and price. Nowadays, the search features have become so crucial that if customers do not find these features, they might abandon the website and opt for some other online store.

Multiplicity in payment options

Generally, customers use credit cards for online purchases. However, we include several payment methods such as Checkout, Google, PayPal, and money orders. Due to this facility, customers feel it more comfortable to transact on the website.

As a Magento development company, we ensure to have customer satisfaction in all our actions, and the consequence is that we get customer loyalty in return.

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