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Top 5 Enterprise Mobility Practices a Business Should Follow

Enterprise mobility has always been significant when it comes to developing business trends. The evolutionary strength of mobile, paired with raising demands from employees and clients has increased competition which made the initiatives of enterprise mobile highly important these days. Hence an organization should give mobile as a top priority otherwise, they could lose their market share. In order to appear in the enterprise mobility game, companies are exploring different ways such as using mobile device management, enterprise mobile application development services, human resources mobility initiatives, or a rapid change. Below given is an in-depth discussion on trends of enterprise mobility which should follow:

Enterprise mobility determines the steps taken by different companies to improve their business operations, develop or deliver service through mobile-based solutions, also the mobile products that launched for the clients. It also refers to things like mobile applications transformation management and developers and another initiative which taken for digital transformations.

It has influenced the world of business due to its "Bring your own device" concept, because of BYOD concept most of the employees get to access the data of their organization using their mobile devices nevertheless, only a few organizations follow this BYOD management technique.

Enterprise mobility management is highly requisite for an organization; mainly if an organization is investing a right amount of mobility to make it work, also an organization should analyse the best practices of this technology from building apps users prefer using to funding for mobile applications.

Let’s have a look on below points for improving the enterprise mobility for businesses:

Consider diversified options - Some people like a composite approach for mobile app development, in which technologies like html5 is used for developing apps some prefer native app development on iOS and Android mobile platforms while some prefer web development languages. According to an expert who believes NativeScript is one of the trendiest technologies and an open source system which can be the future mobile app development companies along with that the framework that provides more flexibility than Apache Cordova which is used for hybrid app development. Developers can develop native apps using NativeScript along with that they can use a resource like JavaScript and html5 to their mobile projects, using a single language has many advantages for letting you work or integrate with the devices native capacities.

Security of app and data - Since the mobile devices have increased in an organization, it also increases the security and privacy risks as well. For instance, using personal devices can also make your networks accessible towards virus attacks, data leaking, and illegal access.

According to the research by Gartner, it’s about 75% of mobile security conflict the misconfigured mobile apps. Where developers who launch the mobile apps they mainly concentrate on its functionality more than security and as the results app building practice sometimes lacks best and mature procedure to prevent mobile threats. Mostly organization depending on mobile security policies which combine EMM or MDM solutions for controlling exploits.

Insecure Wi-Fi - Insecure Wi-Fi networks may need separate provisions in a BYOD policy because their security measures are limited. For example, some Wi-Fi networks are identified as off-limits by security alerts also the devices used in an organization should be protected against the possible loss of data along with that the organization has to make sure that all the devices are in line with all the security standards.

User’s credentials - User’s credentials such as usernames and passwords need to be created with the utmost care. Credentials which may be adequate for certain kinds of applications may not be suitable for the application which need more security. For example, short number strings may be appropriate authentication for a user on game leaderboards and scoreboards; they won’t be enough for social networking application.

Augmented reality - Augmented reality used to be quite popular in the consumer space back then, now it has entered in the enterprise mobile space too. AR application has the potential to overlap virtual worlds over the real, along with that offer a simulative and immersive experience to the end users, integrating AR in a business, many industry verticals such as retail, service, supply chain, real estate, education and more have improved the process of effectiveness as well as customer experiences.

So, for summing up, it’s proved that mobile app development company or enterprise solutions are essential for organizations if they followed, build and applied correctly. Hence business should consider these trends and create unique solutions which produce a better return of interest.

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