Elin Grindhelm

Is Internet Safe to Make Friends?

I remember the days how did I make pen pals through chatting on IRC from different countries. I was being happy for each friends I made from those text chat platforms. We were sharing our home addresses and phone numbers without any doubt. All those things were about 15 years ago. There are too much differences at the moment and Internet became very dangerous place even for kids. There were even no laws on internet because people were hardly breaking those laws.

IRC is something unknown now. If people even know about that, people will hardly use it while there are social media networks and chat websites with camera feature.

Omegle was something amazing for me when I started to chat there with strangers. There were only text chat and we were meeting random people from random countries. People were talking to each other without asking age/sex/location and trying to have fun on the website. However again time passed and there are full of kid predators and perverts on the website. There are even jerks who are trying to record you on Omegle video chat on Android and threaten you with publish your video on Youtube. I have heard there is a way to enter to the video chat through Android and most of those jerks are using Android devices to record people.

Facebook was also another platform that I made friends. Now it is almost impossible to do that. Since the violation of people's rights and privacy, harassments, Facebook has stopped many good features in their system. I know times that I bid people and talk them through Facebook.

It is a bit annoying to see how internet growing in the world and it is a little bit frightening how people use it violently. Is internet safe to make friends now? Definitely it is not and I believe every kids who are younger than 15 years old should use the internet with parental control. No matter which website they use.

I believe parents should control the usage of internet and should have internet times with their kids. Otherwise they can lose the control of their kids and many bad incidents can happen. We hear horrific stories about child abuse on internet and it's getting worse day by day.

How to Control Internet for Kids?

I believe the best way to controlling internet is purchasing one of those filters. Those filters can save you much troubles and you won't even need to control your children when they enter to the website.

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