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Most popular E juice brands that you must try

Due to the ever-increasing demand for vape products and e-juices, there are a number of brands out there selling vaping products. One of the main vape Dubai product that defines your vaping experience is the e-juice, as these come in different strengths, blends and flavors. Not all brands are created equal and your experience may vary greatly from brand to brand. While some brands offer e-juices with characterising flavors that appeal to the youth, some other brands choose to let the nicotine and tobacco do the work. With so many different brands and options, it can be difficult to pick your favourite brand. That's why we have listed here some of the most popular e-juice brands that you must absolutely try for the best vaping experience.


Voted as the best vape juice online, vapewild is one of the top e-juice brands available in the market. With over 150 flavors, vapewild e-juices are handmade in a clean facility in the US. Each flavor has a unique taste and is available in different blends and strengths. The flavors range from fruit, candy, menthol to dessert and even tobacco variants. Cinnamon Roll, Smurf Cake, Razzleberry and Blue Harvest are some of the popular e-juices of the vapewild brand. Being one of the fastest growing online vapor brands, vapewild crafts the most affordable e-juices available.

Milkman e juice

The Los Angeles based milkman e juice brand developed by Barbara Villegas came into the picture in the year 2015. Since then milkman e juice has revolutionised the industry with its exotic dessert and milkshake flavors and its signature packaging. The Milkman Classics is the first line introduced by the brand which set a standard for dessert based flavors. The Milkman Heritage is a new line of milkman e juice that blends tobacco with its premium dessert flavors. The Milkman Salt line of vape juices delivers one of the best nicotine experience with its nicotine salt formulations. Bubble milk, Churrios, Gold and Red by Milkman Heritage are some of the most popular e-juices under the brand.

Halo vape

Halo is one of the top brands in the e-cigarette industry that manufactures vape devices, vape kits, components and even e-juices. The halo vape juices come in about 23 gourmet flavors in unique blends like the Tropical Malibu, Belgian Cocoa and Cafe Mocha blend. Even though dessert and fruit flavors are available, it is the Tobacco and Menthol in their unique proportions that take the center stage in the brand's formulations. Using the best quality USP grade ingredients, halo vape liquids are prepared under the highest standards in its US facility. Menthol Ice Cool, Turkish Tobacco, Fusion Unflavoured Nicotine are some of the most popular e-juices produced by the brand.

Five Pawns

Started in 2012, Five Pawns offers e-juices that come in sophisticated and complex flavor profiles, created only using USP/ Food grade ingredients and premium pharmaceutical grade nicotine. The five pawns e-juices are handmade to perfection in small batches in its world-class facility in Canada. Inspired by the five taste palates, the brand incorporates one ingredient under each palate in each of its e-juice. From peanuts to potato chips and grilled pineapple, unique flavors, you will find nowhere else are incorporated in all its blends. Grandmaster, Castle Long, Black Flag and Gambit are the best selling variants of the five pawns brand.

Black Note

Black Note is a popular brand in the vaping world for its premium tobacco only lineup. This vape juice smells and tastes exactly like the finest of cigarettes as it is made using natural tobacco extracted using the cold maceration process to retain its actual taste. The brand offers multiple variants coming in different blends and notes and contains no characterising flavors. Free of artificial colours, flavors and chemical additives this brand targets only adult smokers and vapers. This vape brand is for those looking to emulate the taste and feel of the cigar in a different way. Prelude, Solo, Sonata and Quartet are the brand's most popular e-juices.

Now that you know the most popular e-juice brands available that you should try, start ordering away as the best vape is now only a click away. With so much to choose from and something for everyone, it is highly likely you will find your perfect e-juice brand. UAE Vaping is an authorized online retailer for all these popular e-juice brands and any 18 user can now easily buy your favourite brand of vape from the UAE Vaping online store.

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