Daniel Goward

Understanding the Importance of a Professional Water Softener Installation

One home accessory people often take for granted is the water softener. This unit removes minerals from water so homeowners don't have to deal with orange staining and corrosion on their various water-based fixtures and appliances. When the unit stops functioning correctly, it typically means it's time for a complete water softener replacement. In most cases, this solution will save people from spending too much for temporary repairs.

Holding Out Only Costs More

Some people refuse to replace their water softener until it's barely functioning. This is problematic because severally aged units can't soften the water effectively, causing a drain on utilities and raising monthly bills as well as inviting corrosion to take hold. Homeowners will find that installing a new unit guarantees that less water will be required to operate efficiently, the brine tank will require fewer additions of salt, and the water pressure will stay consistent during household usage.

Going it Alone Can Be Time Consuming

Homeowners will realize that it's time to replace my water softener when they notice that the water feels and tastes grittier or visible corrosion and staining is found. DIY homeowners might want to try to install a unit themselves but typically aren't prepared for what the process entails. The professionals always arrive equipped with spare pipes, gaskets, valves, tubing, and all the proper tools to ensure the installation is completed seamlessly without the need for multiple trips to the store for more parts.

Don't be Deceived by the Price

One thing that makes homeowners weary of purchasing a unit through a specialized water service provider is the cost. Although water softener prices from these companies are typically higher than the models available at home improvement centers, the customer will receive personalized installation and maintenance—services the big box retailers don't offer. Companies like Allegiance Water will test a household's water to determine which model has the capacity to effectively soften the water before trying to make a sale. After a softener has been agreed on, the overall cost will include installation of the new unit, removal of the old, and any maintenance needed to ensure everything operates efficiently.

More Than Just Water Softeners

In addition to offering the best water softener system for each home, many plumbing companies also provide water heater installation and replacement. A technician will make a free visit to inspect the state of the current water heater as well as evaluate the home's water consumption before consulting with the customer on what options will work best. Once the new heater is ready to be installed, the technician will set up a time that causes the least inconvenience to the residents and haul away the old unit once the installation is complete to make the process as painless as possible for everyone involved.

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