What is Navigation Design? Popular Navigation Design Patterns to Use

Do you want to apply revolutionary navigation design patterns to your website? Web designing is an essential website-building process that helps you improve user experience and engagement on your website. You have to make your website interesting enough for user convenience. This means you have to work on your website’s appearance and functionality. Moreover, information plays an important role to serve user engagement and interests. Therefore, you also have to take care of your website content and its different forms too. Coming back to web design, it is also a considerable technique to raise user attention and engagement for your web pages. Navigation designs are another important aspect of the website design process you have executed for your online business. These are essential for your website UX improvement and consequently, contribute to more dwell time on your website. The users feel better using your website functions and understand your business objectives more effectively. The best use of your web navigation design is to retain your top users to your website content. It can raise brand awareness and loyalty for your online business. The users like to stay on your website and build a relationship with your business model. In this post, we’re going to address different navigation design patterns that you can use to improve your website UX for better usability and convenience. Besides, you can reach out to SFWP Experts if you think that your current web design practices are not good enough to bring considerable traffic and lead for your business. We’re an Award-Winning Custom Web Design Company in San Francisco providing for various online website building projects around the globe!

What is Navigation Design?

Navigation design is a web design strategy that focuses on making your website visitors navigate through your website. That means optimizing their level of engagement on your website so that they find it more interesting and useful. For this, you have to add enough options for navigation to your web pages. Navigation consists of various web page components and elements that together contribute to the user engagement on your website. These elements are also known as UI elements that together create your website layout. Here are some advantages of applying a website-design navigation pattern to your web pages that can inspire you to improve your web design efforts in the future: - Better navigation designs can improve the user insights for your website structure - These designs can raise user confidence regarding using your products and services - The users take more actions on your website and also feel free from online threats like malware - Increases the credibility of a specific product on your website so that you could raise your business popularity - A good web navigation design helps your website users remember where they are exactly on your website and overcome their confusion - You can differentiate your website from your competitors in terms of usability and functions - You can attract new sorts of users and customer groups to your website for shopping and likewise purposes All these web designing traits are essential for a good website exploration and that’s essential for a potential website building outcome. You can get dedicated advice regarding the application of the right navigation designs for your website. Let us review your business model at SFWP Experts and recommend the top solutions for your website building concerns in this context. We’re a leading Custom Coded Web Design Agency helping different small and medium-scale businesses across the world!

Popular Navigation Design Patterns to Apply

The next important step is to figure out the best navigation design patterns for your business website so that you could generate multiple opportunities for user engagement on your website. In this segment, we’ll talk about the basic navigation patterns that you’re not allowed to miss out on anyway to improve your website appearance and functions these days. You need to make your website visitors feel more comfortable using your website functions. Enlisted are the important web navigation design patterns you must follow to improve your website design and user experience to raise your business potential on the internet:

1. Hamburger Menu

A hamburger navigation design focuses on a compact design that serves a mobile-friendly UI and design elements in this context. The mobile screen consists of a compressed design that limits the total number of web page components to be viewed and used at a time. The Hamburger menu consists of a 3-lines icon that further drops up or downs various other options to choose from. It usually consists of the extra options that users can use on your website. However, you also have to limit the number of options in this case to some extent.

2. Vertical Navigation

Vertical navigation either comes out as a pop-up when the users move their cursors to the corresponding corners of the screen or use their fingers or thumb in case of browning on mobile. Vertical navigation displays from top to bottom. Hence, you have to prioritize the elements accordingly. You can use a website analytics tool to figure out what elements your website visitors are most interested in and rearrange the navigation design accordingly. You must decide on the various options you want to represent in the navigation in advance.

3. Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are usually the opposite of vertical navigation. Breadcrumbs consist of rows or usually a single row that consists of the different web pages and previous pages your website users have visited in the past. Using breadcrumbs, they can go back to other web pages and also remember their steps on your website. Such web navigation designs don’t let your website visitors care about the last page or information they have used on your website. They don’t have to find those web pages again and again. Breadcrumbs are often used on eCommerce websites a lot because users go through numerous product lines and varieties.

4. Call to Action (CTAs)

Call to Action (CTA) buttons are also one of the most influential ways of user navigation on your website. These buttons take your website users to your product pages and promotional pages. Hence, these buttons can raise exceptional conversions on your website. It is not mandatory that the user has to buy something on your website every time, but they can take other actions related to your products and services accordingly. In this way, CTAs work as a user action that gives birth to further actions on your website. CTAs are found on eCommerce websites as well as personal blogs that require special user actions.

5. Tabs

Tabs are also becoming popular these days to serve your navigating design campaign. Tabs can help your website users jump from one page to another very quickly even on their mobile devices. These tabs can also represent different sections on a common web page that the users want to explore one by one, and not at the same time.


Apart from these navigation design patterns you also have to decide on various UX navigation best practices to follow depending on the existing market trends. So we suggest you reach out to SFWP Experts and let us know your web design strategy and give you the finest suggestions for your website building project. We’re an experienced Custom Coded Web Design & Development Company in San Francisco. Let us know your thoughts!

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