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Top 5 Tips for Web Page Design

The layout of the web page speaks a lot about the website. We know that you want to offer a flawless experience to your customers, but few things are standard, and you must follow it. Here, we are listing the vital elements of the web page that you must keep in mind while designing your website.

The website development tools and platforms that are present today are less complicated when compared with those of a year ago. You can opt for free as well as paid tools for the same. Also, you can hire freelance developers and web designing companies to create the website as per the requirement of your business.

In this world of abundant information, there is a lot to grab. That’s the main reason behind the reduced attention span of the audience. It got reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds, which is even less than the attention span of that of Goldfish (which is of 9 seconds). When you have just a few seconds to entice your customer, your web page must be the best version of itself.

Here, we are sharing the noteworthy points of web page design that you must take under consideration:

Standard placement of website elements: Irrespective of your business type, certain pages on the website will be the same in all cases. Your website will surely have a home page, products/services page, about us, contact us page. In addition to this, the web pages of your requirement can be added to your sitemap. The layout of the web page is displayed as building blocks. It includes header, logo, body, sidebar, and footer. How the information in these blocks must be displayed is already set, and it’s better not to avoid it.

Like, the header is always on the top section of the page, the logo can be slider image/static.

The menu section must be displayed above the fold to improve the chances of customer interaction.

The sidebar can have subtopics or categories you feel are important about your website.

The footer section of the site will just have the footer content.

Trouble-free navigation: You have designed the website not only for professionals to interact with you; instead, it is for the layman as well. Your goal is to make information about your products/services easily accessible to your audience. To do so, your website must be easier to navigate for your visitors. Since the attention span of the users is lesser, the navigation on your website must be simple and self-explanatory. The categories and sub-categories in the menu section, for the topics that you want to highlight, can make the information easier to access.

You can add breadcrumbs above the title/topic for easier navigation for visitors on the website.

As per stats, 50% of referral website visitors initially use the menu of the website.

Add the search box to the site, to enable direct search about the product/services.

Content and typography: By now, you already know that the content of the website holds a lot of impact on your prospective customers. When talking about the content, the discussion is not only about the quality of content; rather, it is also about the content placement as well. In the process of website development:

Content writer/copywriter is responsible for creating a perfect sales copy to pitch your audience.

The designer and marketing geeks will be responsible for maintaining H1, H2, H3, H4, and font of the body text. The typography errors have nothing to do with layout, but that affects the ranking of the website.

Listicle content is far better than lengthy, detailed paragraphs. This type of content looks pleasant, as well as good from the perspective of SEO. Content formatting helps explain the content in a better way.

Appealing Visuals: The fact states that videos primarily influence 73 % of visitors. Due to the reduction in the attention span, people are getting more engaged with videos and images than with the textual content. The explainer videos can be utilized to grab more attention from viewers and visitors.

Keep in mind that considering these facts, you don’t flood your website and content management system with the images and videos. The greater will be the media files; more will be the load on the server. This will subsequently result in reduced loading speed of the website. So, it’s better that you don’t over-burden your website, but maintain the flow as per the style guide. Such tactful decisions can make your website more interactive.

Follow the style guide: In the layout of the web page, it is important for you to maintain consistency throughout the page as per the style guide and theme. The style guide decides colour, format, typography, layout to be followed across your website. If you maintain this same level of consistency across the website as per the style guide, you can create a more engaging website. This helps in building the reliability of the site and creates brand recognition.

These are just a handful of things to count while designing the layout for your web page design. Don’t forget that the CTA buttons are meant to improve the conversion. The design of actionable CTA buttons, as well as the representation of different sections of the website, can affect the overall functionality of your business. There are several other factors taken into consideration to improve your web page. If you want the website designed for your business, feel free to reach us at sales@wedowebapps.com

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