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Do I need a truck accident lawyer?

If you have been in an accident with a truck or other commercial vehicle, there may have been physical injuries and significant financial losses.

Injuries can make it difficult to return to work or result in important medical bills.

How to know if it is worth hiring a truck accident lawyer?

Who is legally responsible?

In accidents involving trucks involving several vehicles, there are usually several parties responsible or partially responsible for the damages caused if they are shown to have acted negligently.

A truck accident lawyer los angeles can be helpful in identifying all the parties who may have been legally responsible for the accident.

Some parts can be:

• The driver of the truck: the driver of the truck that is proven to be negligent can be considered financially responsible for the accident.

Some examples of negligence can be distracted driving, driving under the influence of substances, driving at high speed or not following traffic laws in any other way.

• The employer of the driver of the truck: according to the legal theory of strict liability, the employer can be responsible for the actions of its employees if they cause an accident during working hours.

This could be the case if the employee was not properly trained, the vehicle did not have adequate maintenance or the employer hired an unsafe driver, such as a person with prior convictions for DUI, without first checking his background.

• The truck manufacturer: if what caused the accident was a problem with the truck, the truck manufacturer or the party at fault could be held responsible for the injuries caused.

• Government entities: In most cases, local, county or state governments have an obligation to fix wells, repair bridges and make sure street signs are clearly visible.

These entities could be responsible for the damages caused in the accident if this occurred due to lack of maintenance.

• The driver who was rammed: depending on the state where the accident occurred, the driver of the vehicle that was rammed may be partially responsible for the actions that led to the accident, such as distracted driving or passing a red light.

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