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5 Coolest Tips To Manage Your Playstation (PS4, PS3) Consoles

There are several gaming consoles in the market but none of that have received the popularity and love like PlayStation. PlayStation is one of the most popular and highly used gaming console by the gamers. Since its inception, it has been adored in the gaming world and it is the reason the company has launched 4 different consoles till now.

The latest addition to the PlayStation franchise is PlayStation 4. It was launched way back in 2013 and it might surprise you but within 24 hours of its release, 1 million ps4 gaming consoles were sold. It became the fastest selling gaming console that day. This console's 92 million units have been sold by the company till now. These numbers clearly show the popularity of PlayStation consoles. You May Also Like To Read About PSN Code Generator.

If you are a gamer who uses PS4 and wants to get maximum performance from it then you are at the right place. Here, we will give you some PlayStation 4 tips and tricks to receive best performance from your favorite console. These tips and tricks will work whether you are using PS4 slim or PS4 pro or standard PS4.

1) Managing The Time = PS4 is a console that have highly addictive games. These games can consume a lot of time of your kids and if you want to manage their gaming time then you can do that easily from an inbuilt feature. You need to go to Settings of PS4 and then open 'Family Management'. There you will find about your kids game time. By using this feature, You can also send your kids a notification.

2) Expand Battery Of Dualshock 4 = If you have played PlayStation 4 then you might have witnessed that the battery of your controller drains pretty fast. After a certain time it becomes a problem. but do you know there is way to increase the battery of your controller?

If you want that your controllers battery runs long then you will need to dim its light. You can do that in Settings > Devices > Controllers. You can also also control the volume and vibration of controller and decreasing these will definitely improve your controller's battery.

3) Pre-load games automatically = Do you know that you can pre-order your games and get to play before anyone else does? We live in a digital age and things have become a bit easier for gamers too. There used to be a time when people had to rush to the nearest stores to buy latest releases. But with change in time, the things have changed completely.

You can receive pre-orders several days before its original release. You have to allow automatic downloads in your PS4. You will automatically get the latest releases while your PS4 in the rest mode. You can save a lot of your time. There are some coolest ways you must read to earn free psn codes.

4) Use PlayStation app for typing and messaging = Using PSNPrizes for typing messages is pretty tough. It is pain in the fingers. Previously, If you wanted to type or send a message to your friends, you had to do it with DualShock 4. But with time technology has changed completely and there is an app for everything. Similarly, there is a PlayStation app that can be used for typing and sending messages. You can us it as an alternate keyboard. It is available for Android and iOS.

5) Disable Notifications = When you use PS4, you will receive a lot of notifications that will tell which friend of yours is online. These notifications become pretty annoying when we are watching something interesting on Netflix. You can easily turn off these notifications from settings menu. You have to go to Settings > Notifications, there you will get the option to turn off these notifications or what type of notifications you want to see. This is a handy feature.

So, these were some of the tips and tricks related to the PS4. There are several other features in the console that if used correctly can enhance your overall gaming experience. PlayStation 4 gives you an option to increase your space. It also gives you an option to share your gameplay by screenshots or by videos. If you are a fan of YouTube then you can stream your gameplay there and create a fan base. There are several other awesome features that you will encounter while using PlayStation 4.

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