Jasmine Jacob

Can the older generation learn from the younger generation?

“Generation gap” is a popular word in today’s age. Most people are seen reminiscing over life during their time and discriminating the changes that have occurred since then. However, it is undeniable that those times have changed and so have the empirical problems. Hence, the younger generation wants the older one to be more accepting towards these adaptations, and they are not wrong in asking for it.

Changes in the Education system

The older generation is often seen criticising the educational methods employed by the younger generation. They believe that the element of creativity in academics has been erased due to modern methods. While this may be true to some extent, we cannot deny the contribution of advanced techniques. With every bit of information available at the touch of a finger, the younger generation doesn’t waste much time acquiring the necessary knowledge. For instance, you can take assistance from online tutoring or essay writing service for academic progress. Furthermore, digital education is aiding in eliminating problems like social differences and paper consumption. With schools investing in technological devices, it is becoming easier to educate masses, and this is a positive outcome.

Benefits of Technology

One of the recurring complaints that the older generation has about this age is the sharp decline in social interaction. While this is a pressing problem, it would be unfair to ignore the gap that social websites have removed. People from all over the world can share their views and voice their opinions on different subject matters. Moreover, technology has effectively lessened the travelling cost of meeting your loved ones as you can connect with them anytime you want. Experts say that the resentment regarding technology among the older generation is deep-rooted in the psychological fear of loss of culture. Therefore, it would be wise to build training centres for people to educate them regarding the societal benefits of technology.

Acceptance and Open-mindedness

As compared to the younger generation, the older generation was more susceptible to social issues. Even though these problems still exist, a study of both the generations reveals that today's generation is less tolerant towards any discrimination. Younger people are becoming increasingly unprejudiced, and the stereotypes are continuing to break. However, the older generation is more rigid about their beliefs and therefore have trouble entertaining these improvements. Pressing issues like the wage gap, workplace harassment, racial slurs and climate change are actively addressed, and the older generation must be encouraged to take part in this wave of change.

Paranoia among the Younger Generation

Most adults from the previous generation are often seen remarking over the paranoia and cynicism of the young adults. However, the political situation over the last few decades has greatly affected the mindset, and as a consequence, the generation today has become prone to paranoia. The mistrust is also deeply rooted in the economic depression caused by the unstable political situation. According to a survey, young adults, especially students, are vulnerable to anxiety because of the market competition that has plagued our society. However, the older generations often dismiss the beliefs of cynicism and blame the technological advancement for it when it is something they can help eradicate, too.

So does that mean the younger generation is more sagacious? The debate has long existed, sprouting more and more differences among the generations. However, instead of viewing it as a battle of intelligence, both generations should learn to listen and benefit from each other’s experiences.

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