19 Garden Layout Considerations

A small garden is built in the courtyard to make the yard poetic and picturesque and highlight the style of the patio. At the same time, the atmosphere can be increased through the rendering of plants, making the life of the owners more colorful.

Color: Contrast and complementary colors. Color, hue and tone. Primary colors and light colors are all components of the color factor. Color tone can either make the atmosphere lively or calm emotions, and the final choice depends on personal taste.

Texture: smooth, rough, soft, prickly, shiny or fluffy. Try to use high-contrast to mix delicacy with roughness, softness and hardness. Plant leaves, flowers, stems and hard gardening materials all have their unique texture.

Fragrance: What is better than roses, jasmines, daphnes, rosemaries or cloves? Just plant some scented plants next to the windows and outdoor seats. There should be some fragrant plants prepared for each season.

The murmur of the stream, the jingling of the spring, the chirping of the birds, the sashes of the leaves, or the soft and melodious bells, all can remove the mental disorder and make the heart peaceful.

Tactile sensation: From plush leaves to ticklish leaves of decorative grass, they all mean the existence of touching and even caressing. Don't forget the touch of ancient trees, smooth pebbles and other inanimate materials.

Function: How to use the space in the garden? As a playground for children? Planting vegetables? Used as a rest meditation? Or outdoor entertainment? It should design for a particular purpose. Don't forget the use of natural materials, like fallen leaves and compost.

Light: Pay attention to the condition of the sun and the shade in the garden. Under the light of the night, the flowers become translucent, and the green light plants are glittering. For a hot summer climate, tall trees can be planted to create a shade.

Style: Node garden, boxwood floor bed, brick paving, stakes fence, all of which form the style of the garden. The more time and effort it takes, the more perfect. Sometimes small details reinforce the style and can also destroy the style.

Form: Consider the three-dimensional shape of the plants in order to obtain changes. They may be round, cylindrical, divergent, wavy, or fountain-like. Hard gardening materials and garden decorations also have their own shapes.

To be continued...

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