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abeautifulmess.com · Jan 25, 2016

Skinny Planter Stand DIY

You can call it a coping mechanism, but the colder it gets in winter, the more plants I add to my house. Adding tropical or desert plants into my space totally tricks my brain into thinking warm and happy thoughts. So I've been looking for any excuse to add more. We are getting pretty close to completing our front sitting room, but I had an area of open wall space that was too narrow to add furniture but really needed a little something-something. Since plants are making me so happy right now, I thought a tall narrow planter would be just the ticket to fill the space and add a little more greenery as well. Large planters can get crazy expensive, so of course a DIY version was in order!

-36" window box
-window box insert
-36" square aluminum tube (x4)
-paint for window box (I used Baby Blush by Valspar)
-gold paint for legs
-drill and metal drill bits
-brass machine screws (1 1/2" long) and nuts
-peel and stick felt for bottom of legs
-clamps (optional but helpful)

Depending on how tall you want your planter to be, you can adjust where you mount your legs to the window box. It was helpful for me to use small clamps so I could stand back and see different heights, but I ended up having the bottom edge of the window box be 10" down from the top of the square tube leg.

Once I had the measurement of leg placement, I unclamped the legs and used a metal drill bit to drill two holes through the aluminum tube (just use a bit that's big enough to fit your machine screws through). It may sound complicated to drill through metal, but aluminum is really soft, so it's actually easier than drilling through some hardwoods.

I re-clamped the legs back in place on the planter and used the same drill bit to drill into the two holes and through the wood of the window box behind the metal tube (that way the holes would line up exactly). If you don't have clamps, you can just lay the box facing up on the floor and have someone help you hold the leg in place. The clamps make it easier to do it by yourself if needed.

I would normally use gold spray paint to paint the legs, but it's a high of 28 degrees today (too cold to spray paint outside). So I used my favorite gold paint instead. Just make sure to keep track of which leg goes on which spot on your planter so you know the holes will line up exactly when you go to put them back on (I put a post-it next to the legs to mark which was which). Once the paint is dry, cut to size 4 squares of peel and stick felt for the bottom of the tubes so the metal doesn't scratch your floors.

I painted the box with a pale pink called Baby Blush by Valspar (it's the same color as our pink dining room on the other side of the sitting room).

Use your machine screws and corresponding nuts to attach the legs back onto the planter. Make sure to tighten the nuts well on the inside so you don't have wobbly legs.

Add your plants to your window box insert and your planter is in business!

It's such a simple shape, but I really love the clean lines of the long legs with the wide skinny planter box. The gold, pink, and shades of green feel really fresh together, and it's versatile in that you could also buy a bigger box and the next thickness of legs to make a bigger version if desired (a bunch of tall snake plants would look awesome in one of these!). No matter what the climate is where you are, I bet this planter is a good decision for your space too! xo. Laura

Credits//Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions.

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