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How to Properly Line An Envelope

There are about 5,642 things I wish I new when I started working for myself. One of them being how to line an envelope. I've struggled with several different methods trying to find what worked best. I always MADE it work but felt like I was putting way too much effort into something that should've been simple. Months (ahem... years) later, I stumbled across a tool that is probably for lots of other things, but in my eyes, is the key to lining an envelope properly.

In the past, we hadn't lined our clients envelopes so to be honest, this wasn't a huge priority in my business. But as we've evolved and started to offer different packages and higher end print processes, these little details were something that were suddenly necessary in our client experience.

So, since we've been lining away here at AFF recently, I thought I'd save you the pain if you didn't know how to do this yet... AND give you links to the tools. Plus you can get it all on Amazon, and if you have prime, you're jumping up and down like I was;)


How do you find a liner that fits and how the heck do you get custom liners made?

All of the liners we use for AFF wedding stationery are custom. We have different levels of complexity... some are simple watercolor washes, others are a completely illustrated pattern. If you are designing a custom liner, you will either need to find a printer who has dies to fit their envelopes, OR make you own custom dies. To fit the pointed flap envelopes we use with clients majority of the time, we've had a few common sizes created with one of our printers. You would provide them with a line drawing from which they build the die (the piece that cuts the paper into it's shape). Typically you own these if they are custom, and your printer will keep it "on file" for you to use with each of your designs. There are also a ton of pre-made options out there if you are looking for a one time use, budget friendly option. Just check out any retail store like Paper Source to find your envelopes matching liners.

1. Insert your liner until it hits the bottom of the inside of your envelope.

2. Hold the liner down on the inside where the flap folds over (so that it doesn't shift) and then fold the flap down. Press along the entire top edge of the envelope to crease the liner.

3. Open the envelope flap only, leaving the liner folded down.

4. Apply the adhesive with the applicator (applicator comes with use instructions, practice a few times on scrap paper to get a feel for how to start, pull and end the adhesive line) to only the two top edges of the liner. This is all you need to keep it secure and still allow it to move when you open and close the envelope.

5. Fold the envelope flap down to close and adhere the liner. Do not fold the liner up to meet the envelope flap, this could result in it not attaching in the right place and bunching of the lower part inside of the envelope.

I love using liners to jazz up an otherwise simple design... this vellum invite combo above wasn't what we originally did for the client, but I LOVE the two together!

I hope this helps you out if you didn't know how to line envelopes already! Are there any other tips or tricks you guys are interested in when it comes to stationery projects like this?

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