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agirlobsessedblog.com · May 23, 2015

50 (more) Blog Post Ideas

It's been nearly a year since I shared my first roundup of blog post ideas, and that post quickly became my most popular to date. Since it went over so well and people are always looking for new ideas for content, I thought I'd share 50 more blog post prompts!

50 Blog Post Ideas Prompts

  1. Share your blogging or creative process
  2. A behind-the-scenes look at your blog or work studio
  3. Your blogging advice
  4. Blog tips that have worked for you
  5. Share how you've overcome a difficulty or struggle with your blog (or in your creative field)
  6. Share a roundup of helpful articles that helped you improve your blog
  7. Write a letter to your younger self, and share some things you wish you had known back then
  8. What's in your makeup/diaper/work/travel/camera bag?
  9. Interview a few of the top people in your niche
  10. Share a recent project you've been working on, whether it's blog-related or just a hobby
  11. What do you look for in a blog? What makes you come back and read more?
  12. Create a list of goals you'd like to achieve for the season
  13. Feature the bloggers that inspire you and what you admire most about them
  14. Is there something in the blogging community that you don't like? Share your thoughts on it and how it can be improved
  15. Share a day in your life, starting from when you first wake up to when you go to bed - what's your routine?
  16. Share your daily makeup routine or your favorite, go-to hairstyle for days when you have little time to get ready
  17. Why did you start blogging? What has changed over time? (Or, if you're a new blogger, what you are looking forward to with your blogging journey?)
  18. Who has inspired you throughout your life?
  19. Share about your blog design - did you design it yourself or purchase it from a shop? What made you pick it?
  20. Share how you take/edit photos for your blog, and any tips you may have
  21. Do a social media roundup and share some of your favorite accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Pinterest
  22. If you've been blogging or practicing a certain trade for a number of years, share your experiences and what others can expect if they choose to follow the same path (maybe helpful tips or things to be aware of)
  23. Talk about something you're afraid of or something that puts you outside of your comfort zone, and ask your readers for advice on how to overcome it
  24. Share a "What not to do..." post about something you've got experience with - blogging, photography, starting a business, going to college, etc.
  25. Create a fun Instagram or Twitter challenge for the month/season, and use a cute hashtag so your readers can join in with you
  26. Team up with a few other bloggers in your niche and pool your money together to offer up a big giveaway prize that will be featured on all of your blogs
  27. Create something free to give away to your readers, like printable worksheets or desktop/tablet wallpapers
  28. Did you recently learn something that helped grow your blog in a huge way? Share it!
  29. Share products (like beauty, kitchen, office, school, etc) that you swear by
  30. Share your blogging essentials
  31. Is there a product/movie/book that you tried and were not a fan of? Don't be afraid to share why it was a negative in your book
  32. Share your favorite social media platforms and why you love them
  33. Share what apps you are currently loving
  34. How do you stay inspired?
  35. Share a fun way to update your readers on what's been going on in your daily life, like a photo series or end-of-the-week recap
  36. Share the meaning and motivation behind your blog or business
  37. Photograph and feature a cute boutique or cafe in your city
  38. Rewrite an old blog post with new photos and information (cough, cough...)
  39. Share a list of surprising things about your niche (or about blogging in general)
  40. What are some things you've learned from a recent class, course, or book?
  41. Share how you create something for your blog, like graphics, collages, or a newsletter
  42. Write about any goals you've achieved so far this year
  43. Share what's been inspiring and motivating you lately
  44. Create a list of resources that have been helpful for your blog or brand
  45. Share some tips on something you're passionate about (traveling, baking, shopping, photography, etc.)
  46. How do you stay organized and focused with your blog, brand, or small business?
  47. Share some tips and advice for beginners in your niche
  48. Share the story of your personal style and how it has evolved over the years
  49. What's the best & worst advice you've ever received?
  50. What are the pros and cons of being a blogger?

Phew! I think I've depleted my reserve of blog post ideas for now. ;) Which of these ideas would you choose for your blog?

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