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★ You might find me extremely weird and noisy but you’ll get used to it. You can call me MIMI or AYUMI. I love anything colorful, creative, crafty and random. One of my many passion is reading and watching anime/manga. I also spend my free time doodling and painting. As of now I’m having interest in sewing and photography though I lack time due to my current work. Likes punky/lolita/girly fashion inspired from Japanese and Korean style. [Read more here] AYU’s CORNER faq’s daily rants outfits my wants q & a’s messages misc daily review reviews anime/manga reviews MY WORKs projects/challenge doodles colorings icons art trades typography FRIENDs CORNER doodle reblogs TUTO’s & GOODIEs goodiestumble blog cute photos my love blog kawaii blog food anime/manga anime/manga couple anime gifs elsewhere plurk twitter puricute deviant art blogspot my animelist facebook profile page like the blog? recommend OR awesome blogs reminders Birthday Countdown Anniversary Countdown Wish lists ★ digital camera ★ Nokia C3 ★ blackberry phone ★ lomo camera ★ scanner ★ bass guitar ★ travel abroad ★ boots ★ new converse shoes ★ contact lens ★ toki doki jacket ★ Beach party! ★ Laptop ★ DSLR ★ iPod Touch ★ be in a big event ★ draw my own manga ★ have my own shoppie games polyvore Everyday Look ads credits nuffnang_bid = "1198a0f24af398e4be37a021525617fc"; tumblr views reminders ©a little braver / amethystheart-doodles is a personal blog & a doodle blog belonging to Ayumi Yukino. Please DO NOT USE any of MY doodles and photos with my watermarks to any commercial or personal purposes WITHOUT MY CONSENT. Open to any projects, product reviews & commission E-mail me: [[email protected]] ╰☆╮ ©a.Little Braver is Powered by Tumblr | tweaked by Ayumi Yukino.