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Oh, the world. It’s a big place. Filled with wonder and excitement, is there nothing better than dreaming about places you want to visit? I’m sitting at my desk in the studio (so happy to be back!) and naturally, I’m slacking off from boring things like tax and bills by thinking where I want to go next. Sitting here, I realised that I’ve been dreaming of a few places in particular in the last few years, and never have I shared with you what those places were. These are pretty much my ultimate bucket list right now, places that I would go to tomorrow if given the chance. Naturally there are so many places I want to go, many many more than just these three. But what stands out to me is that I dream about these places in a different way to other destinations I’d like to visit… You could say these bucket list day dreams are in Wes Anderson colours, sets and full frames. It’s weird I know but I can’t help it. Read on for my bucket list right now, and please do share yours with me. Maybe you’ll help give me some more ideas.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Ever since we lived in London I’ve had a burning desire to visit Morocco. We had planned a trip to the city but instead went to Turkey (a glorious country you must also visit) because of the time of year. Naturally the main draw for me is the souks (you guys know how I love a market!!) but I’m also down with the food and the incredible Riads. Just everything really. For some reason visiting has always been difficult so it’s stayed on the top of my bucket list. Maybe this year? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Havanna, Cuba

With major changes afoot as the United States lift an embargo that has been in place for over 50 years, naturally Cuba is way up high on my bucket list. It’s been at the top for maybe 5 years actually. I’m all about the architecture, music and…. rum! Lots of rum. Cuba’s colonial cities haven’t changed much in the last few centuries, and the beaches have pure white sand you’ll want to take home with you between your toes. My parents visited pre embargo lift and loved the country so much, although said the poverty and lack of infrastructure was really noticeable, so hopefully in the next few decades that will change. (Side bar: I told my brother I wanted to go before it changes too much and he said ‘yes, Geneva, because poverty is just so photogenic isn’t it?’ ) . The UNESCO listed city of Havana would be my first stop.

Jaipur, India

India India India. How you have come to dominate my mind when it comes to a holiday. Ben and I were meant to visit India for a long trip before on the way to moving to Hong Kong, but cut it short to just Sri Lanka because some people have to work around here (- Ben). I guess what India represents to me (in fact all three of the bucket list destinations) is that they require much more time investment, with intercity travel taking longer, meaning they’re not the type of places you can do quickly. It’s more immersive travel that really draws you in, buttttt takes time. I think to start, I’d love to just do Jaipur and a little bit of the Rajasthan region. All the colours!

Other places I’d love to visit? Tulum, Iceland, a roadtrip across the US, Argentina and also another trip to Sri Lanka (to see the house we used to live in!).

What’s on your bucket list guys? I’d really love to know.

Photos via My Domaine, Collage Vintage, Ovadia and Sons

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