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Marble vs. Quartz

Today I am chatting about marble vs. quartz. The reason I am sharing is because when we took on two bathroom renovations, we wondered the exact same thing. Should we go with marble or quartz? I am certainly no expert when it comes to either, but I am equipped to share our experiences so that it might help you if you ever are debating between the two.

Before I jump in, I’ll give you a bit of background. We recently tackled renovating our children’s bathroom on our own. It is pictured above. In this bathroom we installed a vanity with a marble top. In our master bathroom, we used a contractor and we installed quartz countertops. Because we have lived with both now I feel I can fairly share about both surfaces.

What counter was used in this bathroom?

Marble. The marble top came with the vanity. We needed a vanity that would fit in this space. It’s slightly larger than a single vanity, but not as wide as a double vanity. After searching high and low I came across this Allen Roth one from Lowe’s and it was perfect for us.

Why did we choose this?

Marble was not my first choice for the children’s bathroom. Having said that, it is a beautiful vanity and I always wanted marble. I figured that this was a great test run. I wasn’t having to go and pick out an entire slab of marble and I could live with marble to see if I liked it for our master bathroom and possibly a kitchen if we ever move. Why not test it out myself on a very small scale.

How do we like it? The marble top is beautiful. However, it is very high maintenance just as everyone warned. The enemy is water. Toothpaste has not harmed it. It’s the darn water and that is unavoidable. It leaves marks. I was told it would. It does.

Cracking up at the quality of the photo but when I was writing this I thought I better run up and snap a photo so you know what I am talking about. It was dark but you can seen the arrow pointing to a water mark. That baby is permanent and there are a ton more where that came from. But in all seriousness, it doesn’t bother me. My husband and I knew going into this that there would be water marks and etchings. We are cool with it and don’t request anything special of the children while they are using this bathroom {well no nail polish or nail polish remover is always a rule . . regardless of the surface}.

The big picture: On a daily basis, every time I walk past this bathroom I feel happy. It is beautiful and the water marks are only seen at certain angles. But if you are a perfectionist it might drive you bananas.

Would we use marble again? That’s the million dollar question. I don’t know that I would. I adore it. I think it’s beautiful. I have friends that have it and love it. For us, I’m not sure the beauty outweighs the inability to be really hard on it. We live in our house. I may like a pretty home with karate chopped pillows, but at the end of the day we are pretty rough on our home. We don’t tip toe around and we don’t holler at the children to not touch that or not touch this. The marble counter was water stained in no time. While I continue to swoon over glossy magazines that have marble kitchens, I would not choose it for us. I want to be carefree and knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t be able to be.

First and foremost let me say that our bathroom is not entirely done. We have a chandelier to swap out and artwork to buy. Not to mention accessories but I know that for the purposes of this post you don’t care! So on we go.

What counter was used in this bathroom? This is a quartz called Victoria. It can be found at Arizona Tile. It has a pretty veining to it as well as some shimmer. It does not photograph well and is quite striking in real life.

Why did we choose this? I really wanted a light bathroom. I went back and forth with the marble/quartz decision and ultimately the durability of quartz won out. I fell in love with this Victoria quartz especially after seeing it with the wood tile we chose. The herringbone floor we installed almost looks like marble so it would have been a bit much to do marble on the counter tops as well.

How do we like it? We LOVE it. LOVE it! I wish you could see it in person. With the lights shining down on it is shiny and gorgeous and I feel like I am in an upscale hotel bathroom. These lights give off such a warm glow, too. They are from Shades of Light. I love that I can have my makeup, coffee, makeup brushes, and anything else sprawled all over it and there will never be a stain. It is a breeze to clean and we couldn’t be more thrilled with it. I like it more than the children’s marble vanity.

Would we use quartz again? In a heartbeat. But it’s not a marble look-alike or replacement. It does not look like marble. (I would suggest the porcelain tile that they just came out with if you really want the look). If you go the route of quartz I think you need to embrace it as its own surface and not try to compare the two. Does that make sense. I love these counters and would install them in another home without question. I would definitely install this quartz in a kitchen.

Is there a price difference? No. Many people think quartz is a less expensive option. Not the case. In some cases it is more. Our Victoria quartz and Carrera marble would have been the same price for our master bathroom.

Bottom line: We love both of our bathrooms and are very pleased with how they both turned out. I think I say, on a daily basis, “I love this bathroom!” about our master. I love the counter tops and the carefree attitude I can take with them. I will try to take a photo with the pretty light shining on the quartz to add to this.

I hope it has been helpful to hear from a regular family about living with marble and quartz. I know when we were making decisions we asked a zillion people to make sure we had done our research. Perhaps I am a zillion and one for you!

Full reveal of children’s bathroom here. Master bath post with sources coming soon!

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