according to boyle · May 17, 2016

goals: 3

MARCH! I’m refusing to get any farther behind on sharing my goal posts, guys! Ugh. I wrote this post a month ago. Why do we like photos so much? Anywho, since I’m a little behind I get to tell you what the weekly goals for March were and how I did all in one neat (I hope) little post!


I’m working on a post all about our favorite cheeky man’s birthday so this is just a taste of the decorations. With the help of my dear friend, Tori, I was able to complete all of the decorations on my wish list for Calvin’s birthday with plenty of time to kick my feet up and not worry about it. Points for me! Then the weather was incredible and we all ended up outside anyway. Points for mother nature! I’m not mad about it.


Holy freaking cow. How many photos do we have? So dumb. After seriously purging, I still have over a thousand per year. Are my kids really ever going to look at them all? Really? Seriously? I still need to make some photo books but that’s another goal for another week. This one is DONE!


Here’s something I know about myself: If I don’t make it a point to get something done, I don’t do anything. I forgot to give myself a goal for this week and guess what? Nothing got done!


*Don’t look at the floor! That was an April project!*

This ended up being a much bigger endeavor than we imagined. The cabinets are original to the house and once we removed the ones surrounding the oven, we were left with a cabinet sized hole in the subfloor. No big deal except Cal loved to sit in there and once I found him with a rock of mortar in his mouth while PMSing, I freaked and proclaimed the floor to be done next. But that was a bit of a problem because we have awesome plans for the floor and it needed to be hashed out so…


Our front door actually comes into our living room but no one uses it since we have a breezeway (a long, enclosed room that connects our garage to our house) and an entrance to the kitchen. Everyone comes in through the kitchen. However, lots of things like coats, shoes, mittens, scarfs, rain boots – anything that you where to deal with the outside weather – builds up in the breezeway. I have a nasty habit of quickly decluttering by grabbing everything I can hold and shoving it into a closet we have by the actual front door in the living room. It was bad. It’s still not super organized but at least you can see what’s in there and everything has a home.

I have had some wild ideas about decorating our home but I decided the kitchen floor really needed a punch of fun. The problem? All the “fun” tiles are crazy expensive. I found this inspiration photo and hatched a plan on how we could do it ourselves on the cheap. Much to my surprise, Jerry was totally on board. It probably helps that we needed to do a bit of math to figure it out and the Jer Bear is nothing if not a math nerd. God love him. LOTS more of the kitchen floor in April’s goals! Stay tuned!

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