All Things Thrifty · Jun 16, 2014

DIY In-ground Trampoline Instructions FAQs

One of our most popular tutorials around here is our in-ground trampoline instructions from a few years back. At the Hoard Sale at the end of May, I met someone that used my instructions and it made me so happy to hear what a great experience they had putting their trampoline in the ground.

Ever since I wrote the instruction post, I have gotten lots of questions about the process. So I decided that I should answer those questions all in the same place to help with the process of putting your trampoline in the ground.

1. I’ve never seen this before, is it mainly for safety? Yes. When I was growing up my sister got flung off of our trampoline and broke her elbow bad enough that it needed to be pinned back together. Ever since, I vowed to always have a caged tramp or have one in the ground to try and combat some of the dangers of having a trampoline. Some of my fondest memories of a child are also jumping on the trampoline on Sunday afternoons and working on my toe touches and playing games with my cousins. So, although I know trampolines can be dangerous, we have decided to have a trampoline.

2. How do we keep critters out from under the trampoline? We have a completely fenced yard with a block wall around our entire lot, so we don’t have many critters that get into our yard. We have gotten a slew of bugs that try and live down there though, so we get it sprayed every few months to prevent the bugs.

3. How do we keep water from getting under the trampoline? We specifically put the tramp in a location in our backyard that does not get hit by any sprinklers. We also live in a dry climate that doesn’t rain a lot. But, we have had a few instances that my husband accidentally left our hose running for hours and hours filling up our pool next to it which overflowed the pool and filled up the trampoline hole. This has happened three times and the structure has stayed completely in tact. We did pump out the water with a water pump and hose within a few hours though. I hope this answers the questions out there about water and our in-ground trampoline!

4. I can’t find the correct size of corrugated sheet metal, can I use a different size? Yes. Of course! Just make sure you cover the same area and it will be totally fine to use a different size.

5. How much garbage and toys end up underneath the trampoline hole? I have to be completely honest about this one. A LOT of stuff ends up down there. But it is super easy to get out. We just take off two springs and send one of our kiddos down there every couple of months to gather all of the stuff that ends up down there. They think it’s quite fun to go under there actually.

6. Do you need a special trampoline for this or can you do it with a “regular” one? No, you do not need a special trampoline. Ours is just a regular trampoline.

7. Does the hole fill up with water when it rains? Yes a little bit, but it doesn’t last long. If you live in a climate the rains constantly you may need to install a sump-pump to help combat this.

8. If you were to move, could you easily take the trampoline out of the hole and take it with you? No. Well, you could do it, yes, but it would not be easy. You would have to dig the trampoline out from the inside, but it would not be impossible.

9. How long did the process take you? About 8 hours from start to finish.

10. How much did this cost? Back when we did the project in 2011, it cost us $300. $150 for supplies and $150 to have our hole dug by a local landscaper. I have heard that supply costs have definitely gone up since and have cost some people closer to $225 in supplies.

11. What about grass and weeds? Do you have a problem with grass and weeds growing underneath it? We have not had any problems with this. But I live in a very dry climate so maybe that is why.

12. I can’t find the U-shaped concrete blocks. What are they called? They are called “Bond Beams” or “Knockout Blocks”. Your local masonry company should know what they are.

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