Amber Interiors · Aug 2, 2017

// Before + After // Client Z to the E to the N AGAIN //

Well this has been quite the long pause guys. I would apologize, but if you follow me on IG, you have probably noticed that I am a little bit buried under piles of projects. At the end of tackling all the client work related stuff that goes on in the day, it’s hard to remember to come to the blog. I have basically turned to IG as my way to stay connected to the social media world. No matter how much I say, “OK I am gonna be a better blogger….I swear”, we just don’t have time, and I am really wanting to keep this place, and all my accounts authentic, so unless I personally have time to write in it, or I personally can approve content that could potentially be written in it, the ole bloggy gets the backseat. Anyways, I won’t empty promise you that it will be back to its glory days anytime soon…but I WILL promise you that I want it to be, haha. As we grow with both new employees and more projects, I want to share them all. SO please keep following my additional social media accounts, and maybe I’ll get a wild hair to crank this place back into high gear.

OK enough about what I haven’t done…lets check out what I HAVE done! Remember when I released #ClientZtotheEtotheN to the world in 2015?! Well, they reached out again to complete a new project for them!! There is nothing like a repeat customer, and I feel so fortunate when clients choose to work with us again. This awesome couple in particular was expanding, not only their home BUT there family too. Baby no. 1 was on its way and we needed to get this place ready and fast. The clients contacted us with an urgent request….It went like this

“Hey I am due in July, I know its April…can you do this whole house basically starting tomorrow even though we haven’t closed escrow? You can make it happen right??”

to which I replied

“Ummm….nope..but OF COURSE WE WILL”

Full Disclosure….this is a very very VERY fast turn around. I try and do as much custom and vintage sourcing as possible, and admittedly, this is a part of my job that takes a lot of time. Even with the store and my warehouses, its not like I have a hidden trove of amazing vintage things or pieces ready to go to a new home at any given time. We had to work on the fly here, and so we shopped….a LOT. We looked for as much in stock items as possible, and asked for major favors from my custom furniture makers to please HURRY! After all we had a baby on the way!

The house was really a great shell to work with, but my clients wanted some personality, and something more tailored to what they wanted. We tried, and this is where we landed.

// ENTRY – Before //

// ENTRY – After //

// LIVING ROOM – Before //

// LIVING ROOM – After //

// DINING ROOM – Before //

// DINING ROOM – After //

// Family Room – Before //

// Family Room – After //

// Master Bedroom – Before //

// Master Bedroom – After //

// Master Bathroom – Before //

// Master Bathroom – After //

// Nursery – Before//

// Nursery – After //

// Guest Room – Before //

// Guest Room – After //

// Den – Before //

// Den – After //

// Photos by Tessa Neustadt //

So there ya have it. Lots of decor, lighting, hardware, and paint changes. The majority were quick furniture selections that we could fast or pick up from stores, and honestly we didn’t really get to focus on artwork..There was a lot of blank walls when we left, but we realized this was going to have to be part of phase two! Or better worded.. phase “After baby arrives and Mama and Dad settle into life with a newborn”! We will have some more bathrooms to show you, the full kitchen (in which the lighting was backordered), and some additional rooms which will be more completed. I think we did alright considering we had to work “on the fly” and with only 3 months from start of design to install!!!

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