The Burden Of Romance

Today's post is part of a series of posts I am sharing on Biblical womanhood, if you aren't reading daily and you find it uplifting to read you may like to go back to older posts.
Most of what I am sharing comes from a season of life when I had the privilege of sitting under a woman who understood the path God has created a woman to live in as helpmeet to her husband.
I just want to say here that I had a long way to go on this path when she took me under her wing, but I had a teachable spirit and a willing heart (sometimes)
I am still a learner, even in my older age, and my goal in sharing is not to appear as one who has life perfectly together, a blog can leave one looking like a sweet little bundle of lovelinesss which, in my case, would not be a true picture.
I am sharing God's Word and the practical ways a Titus Two woman can respond in daily life.
Suffice it to say there is still much refinement happening in my own heart, and there are many things I would not share of my own training as they would not edify the listener and are best kept before the Lord and my patient, forgiving husband.
I am as King David in Psalm 51:13 a forgiven sinner seeking restoration and "a willing heart that I can teach others Your way, so sinners will turn back to You."
Now that we have established the fact that we are fellow seekers who are always learning together, let's think about the burden of romance and becoming a woman whose husband's heart "doth safely trust in her" Proverbs 31: 11
Many women marry with the idea that her knight in shining armor has finally arrived to sweep her into a life of a Princess.
From this day forward he will shower her with affection, meet her wishes and keep her on the throne of the little kingdom they are now building together.
I'm sure many a young man desires to be such a knight to his little bride.
But daily life is the real deal and we soon learn that our dear hard-working average Joe the plumber fella has limits and gets focused on the providing part of marriage.
Feeding many hungry mouths can lead to a good man forgetting to bring home the roses along with the bacon.
Many women today have hearts influenced by a culture that can seemingly have it all.
Adventure, romance, money, free time, self focus...
Joe, the guy having to supply her endless fantasies, at some point finds that no matter how hard he works by the sweat of his brow, the little woman is not yet full.
She is still unhappy with his provision and the scanty amount of time left over for him to put her desires for more of his time and constant needs first.
She is fueled by the gifts her girlfriends are receiving, romance books depicting handsome lovers ready to rescue damsels in distress, movies depicting breathless lovers arriving on horseback to bring sparkles to the eye and set hearts a fluttering.
Joe the plumber with his weekly pay check that just about covers her needs each week -if they are frugal with his earnings- barely has a leg left to stand on when Suzy's husband just bought her a new diamond and is taking her on another cruise.
God never calls a woman to seek more than He, in His sovereign wisdom, has provided for her through her dear husband.
We are not on the earth to become preoccupied with idealized romance.
The Bible exhorts us to be sober, sincere, practical, realistic, moral and obedient.
God does not instruct men to create romantic situations or cater to the fanciful illusions of their wives.
We are to pursue Biblical love over self gratification
When we are searching for romance, we are looking for something more than God has planned for us.
Discontentment with what your beloved can provide financially, emotionally, or time wise will breed restlessness.
We can become bitter with this dear man who has gone to the limit in his strength to daily provide for our needs.
Why not give it up and set him free from trying to live up to some fictional ideal?
He may not have a romantic bone in his body, but he is a good man who loves his wife and children.
He may work sixty hours a week to provide, but, by golly, the man gets the job done.
There is nothing romantic about hard physical labor, taking care of us when we're sick, and meeting everyone's needs, but he is out there doing it and will continue as long as there is another mouth to feed.
He usually gets no glory or recognition from the world he works in.
And often times when he trudges in from the battle field of work another full evening of meeting the needs of his loved ones awaits.
Why not be a blessing to this kind hearted servant?
As Proverbs 31:11 says may his heart " safely trust in you"
May he know his bride will always appreciate him, may his name and reputation always be safe in your mouth.
May only good come from your lips toward this honest hard-working decent man who has chosen you to be the queen of his heart and home.

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