Be More with Less · Nov 10, 2020

10 Gentle Reminders to Help You Prioritize Self Care

We know we have to take care of ourselves but when considering everything and everyone else that needs our attention, it’s hard to prioritize self care. Consider these self care reminders a gentle nudge to put yourself first.

Self care may sound selfish or indulgent but when you remember how much better you feel and much more you have to give when you are taking good care, you’ll realize that it benefits everyone around you too.

Self Care Reminders: 10 Gentle Reminders to Inspire You to Take Care of You


Self-care can’t be a “when I have time” thing or something extra or indulgent. It’s essential. Please, take care of you (especially when you don’t think you have time).


Self-care doesn’t always mean adding something. Taking away a habit or something else that isn’t serving you is powerful too. Give yourself permission to stop. You don’t have to stop. You get to stop.

Stop pushing.
Stop complaining.
Stop drinking.
Stop controlling.
Stop overextending yourself.
Stop compromising your heart.
Stop saying yes when you want to say no.
Stop hating your job.
Stop proving yourself.
Stop overspending.
Stop making excuses.
Stop doubting yourself.

Decide what you need to stop to enjoy your life even more. Then give yourself permission to stop. It’s a privilege to remove the things that are holding us back. I’m so grateful that we get to stop.


If you want to feel healthier, come back to healthy habits without guilt for letting them go. If a healthy life feels impossible due to the current situation, a scary diagnosis, chronic illness, crushing stress or old habits holding on, keep coming back. Coming back is your connection to hope, and there is healing in hope.

Whatever it is that helps you feel better in your body, heart or mind, this is an invitation to come back to it. Come back to health. Come back to love. Come back to you. No RSVP required.


We must remember this when we think a feeling will last forever. It won’t.


The world is yelling. Pay attention to me! Buy me! Watch this! Read this! Scroll all the way to the end! Get on this Zoom call! Do this! Feel this way! Not this way!

And it will keep yelling. And you will keep putting your hand on your heart to remember what’s important to you. Even though things are different now, you still get to have boundaries. You still get to decide where your attention goes and when. And tomorrow, when things are different again, you can decide again.


Boundaries and people not liking them are not mutually exclusive.


Words to live by for more joyful creating, easier breathing and a life that is full of peace and possibility. Caring less about what other people think of you is the ultimate self care practice.


Wearing the same things over and over again may not sound like self care at first. I used to spend so much brain power buying things, chasing sales and figuring out what to wear. I remember trying on several outfits getting ready in the morning in hopes of finding the perfect thing. Now, in curating a small capsule wardrobe with Project 333, there are no daily decisions required. I get to wear my favorite things every day.

Fewer decisions equal less decision fatigue and more calm and clarity.


Create less work for yourself by getting rid of anything you don’t want to take care of anymore. Look around your home to see what’s getting your attention, time and energy. If it’s not worth it, let it go.


If you don’t know what matters, get rid of anything that doesn’t. Simplicity is the way back to love, the way back to health and the way back to you.

Use these self care reminders as inspiration to take care of you.

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