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Mind Declutter: 8 Little Notes For More Peace and Less Stress

A Mind Declutter might not feel as easy as a Closet Declutter but it might not be as hard as you think either. When your thoughts are distracting you from being present or keeping you up at night, it’s time to consider decluttering on the inside.

Mind Declutter: 8 Little Notes for More Peace and Less Stress


We could help our minds relax a bit by reminding ourselves that we don’t have to be right. We don’t have to figure out the perfect answer, or the best thing. All we have to do is be real.


When I feel the need to control something or manage things better, I take a deep breath and check in with my heart.

Then I listen. Then I trust.

99% of the time all of the things I want to manage or control are not mine to manage or control.

P.S. I often get caught up in the control/manage game before I remember to come back to myself. Will keep practicing.

Thanks for the reminder Lisa Olivera.


I know, I know, we aren’t supposed to care about what other people think of us and usually I don’t.

Sometimes though, if the words are just right (even from a random stranger on the internet), they sting. They sting until I remind myself of two things.

1. Random stranger on the internet.

2. When someone comments on my journey. I remember that it is only a reflection of their own.

So the next time someone comments unfavorably about your debt-free journey, or the career change you are considering, or they laugh about the fact that you don’t have much clutter or you have too much clutter or they don’t like that you don’t drink anymore (me) or that you go to bed before 9pm (me), simply remind yourself that they can only react from their own experience, their own journey and their own path.

My best response, especially if the feedback is mean-spirited is no response.

Next best response … Thanks for your thoughtful feedback.


It seems like such an easy fix when we look to outer solutions for inner issues. But it’s only a band-aid. Before Project 333, I used to get “bored or frustrated with my wardrobe” and spend lots of time, money and energy getting un-bored by shopping. I’d try new styles and colors and fancy shoes (even if they hurt my feet). Not long after, I’d be bored and frustrated again. Cue more shopping. During my first three months of dressing with less/shopping ban, I realized that anytime I felt any kind of way about my closet, it was just this great distraction from something else that was bothering me. It was easier to go shopping than look at the real issue. I finally realized that when I was hurting, my heart wasn’t saying , let’s go shopping, it was saying, please take care of me. Art: @haleydrewthis


Relationship wisdom from Yung Pueblo.

Or go with Anne Lamott’s advice, “Our help is usually not very helpful. Our help is often toxic. And help is the sunny side of control. Stop helping so much. Don’t get your help and goodness all over everybody.”

I hope we never stop learning how to love each other.


Our minds love to think that we can measure who we are by what we do.

You are not your inbox.
You are not your to-do list.
You are not your work.
You are not your last failure or success.
You aren’t the bad thing someone said you are.
You aren’t the good thing either.

When life gets busy, complicated, and overwhelming, it’s easy to forget who you are, but you can find your way back. Sit down. Close your eyes. Breathe. Keep doing that for a while. Then put your hands on your heart. There you are. Keep finding your way back. Do it over and over again.

Keep remembering because every time you do, you’ll know what matters and what doesn’t, what makes you smile and what doesn’t. You’ll know what’s real and what isn’t. Sometimes remembering only lasts for a day or two so you have to keep coming back.

When you remember who you are, it’s easier to let go of all the things you are not. Trade what drags you down for what lifts you up. Walk away from the things that don’t support the real you so you have more room for the things that do.

Sit down. Close your eyes. Breathe. Put your hands on your heart. Repeat forever.

Image from The Loveland Foundation.


When you think you only get to have one feeling at a time, and feel bad when you happy during a sad time or stressed during a good time … remind your mind that you can feel it all.

This mind declutter reminder will help you let go of guilt and feel exactly what you feel.
Art: @nakeiahomer


Acknowledging that our thoughts and the stories we tell ourselves aren’t always true makes room for us to connect with a realness that we didn’t have access to before.

You may not connect with all of these notes, but if one resonates with you, write it down. The next time you are feeling overwhelmed or your mind is spinning, revisit the words you wrote down and use them to help you declutter your mind for more peace and less stress.

P.S. For more notes and quotes, and simple inspiration, join me on Instagram.

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