Big Mama · Feb 10, 2016

Coming soon to a city near you (maybe)

Well if you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to over the last couple of days, I’ll tell you. Trying to get over this.

Nothing in my life really prepared me for that.

Our entire weekend basically consisted of either watching Caroline play soccer or driving Caroline to her soccer games. She had her last games with her school team in addition to playing in a tournament with her club team and that all adds up to A LOT OF SOCCER.

I also feel that I should mention that it was cold and windy both days, although considering some of you live in the Northeast and are currently buried in snow, I’m guessing that my sob story about sitting outside on a 40 degree morning isn’t really going to garner much sympathy.

In other news, I have a few things to share that I don’t have the energy to compose actual paragraphs for so I will present them in a list format.

1. The Big Boo Summer Tour

A while back Compassion International contacted Sophie and me to see if we might be interested in essentially bringing our podcast to the road. On a bus. And I said no because did you just read the part about a bus?

But then they threw in that Travis Cottrell would join us to lead worship and I decided that maybe the bus experience might be more “Beyonce Tour Bus” than “Greyhound from Houston to San Antonio”. Although now I’m thinking it’s probably going to lean more towards Greyhound than Beyonce, but it’s too late.

Anyway, I’m super excited about this and think it will be a ton of fun. We’ll talk about everything from friendship to mascara. There are still some openings left so if your church is interested in bringing us in June 2016 please contact for more information.

2. The Antelope in the Living Room

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the kindle version of Antelope is on sale for just $2.99. You can find it right here.

3. Southern Living 50th Anniversary Edition

I canceled my subscriptions to all magazines several years ago because I just never really had time to read them and I felt like I could find anything I was looking for on Pinterest and the internet in general. But then Caroline had a band fundraiser and I subscribed to Southern Living because that seemed better than buying gift wrap I’d never use.

Anyway, I received the 50th Anniversary Edition in the mail last week and it has given me deep joy. In fact, it’s renewed my love of the magazine. You should totally pick a copy up at your local newsstand.

4. Glory Haus

I first discovered Glory Haus products when Honey gave me a Glory Haus coffee mug. It was my very favorite mug for years until I accidentally chipped the rim of it. I’d tell you more but, frankly, I’m still despondent about the whole thing.

Then Glory Haus sent me this Texas A&M coffee mug and life is beautiful again.

And, best of all, they have an entire collegiate collection that includes mugs and frames and all kinds of stuff from a bunch of different colleges. They even have some darling sorority frames.

They have fun seasonal banners like this love banner.

And so many darling picture frames like this I have always loved you frame.

I also love this hey y’all pillow.

And I think this Mr. & Mrs. mug set would make a perfect wedding or shower gift.

Anyway, this isn’t a paid advertisement or anything. Just thought I’d share in case you’re looking for a cute gift or something fun for yourself.

5. American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson

Listen. I’m not one to get sucked into any sort of cheesy made for T.V. movie.

(This is a total lie. I live for a cheesy made for T.V. movie.)

But it all started on Saturday night when P and I got totally sucked into some autopsy show about the Nicole Brown Simpson murder. And then I followed a rabbit trail to this American Crime Story on FX and, well, now I’m hooked.

It’s so fascinating to watch a movie about something you vividly remember. The OJ trial was going on during my very first job right out of college and I drove home to my apartment during my lunch hour every single day to watch as only a true career-minded, corporate woman would.

Plus, it’s worth watching if only to see John Travolta’s portrayal of Robert Shapiro and Courtney B. Vance play Johnny Cochran. This is solid gold television.

You can catch up on Hulu but it comes on every Tuesday night. I’m not sure how many episodes there will be but I already know it won’t be enough.

That’s it for today. Have a lovely Wednesday.

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