Meesha Kauffman

Why All Instagrammers Need to Start Blogging!

Without a doubt, our main social media platform is Instagram. We started our account about 1 ½ years ago on a suggestion from a friend. I knew nothing. So much so that my very first post was just a photo of Bruce Wayne. No caption, no hashtags, just a photo. My friend quickly texted me and gave me a quick tutorial of what I should be doing. I remember I would get excited every time I saw the Instagram camera notification pop up on my phone. Someone actually liked my photos of Bruce Wayne other than the friends and family I made follow us! :-)

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We were gaining followers left and right. We quickly hit 1,000, 10,000, and 20,000. Then Instagram changed. Facebook took over and everything went into a spiraling downfall. Dramatic? Yes. Realistic? Yes. I could write a whole story about how Facebook’s algorithm ruined Instagram, but that’s for another day. Instagram now decides what we see on our feed and what our friends see on their feed and it absolutely makes NO sense! The algorithm is supposed to be based on what you like and comment on. I can say, firsthand, that Instagram doesn’t have it right. I know I personally make an effort to like and comment on our friends posts, but they still aren’t showing up in my feed. I still have to search certain accounts to see their most recent posts.

But, I don’t want to get into a Instagram bashing post. Like I said, that is for another day. This post is to try to get my fellow Instagram family members to start blogging.

Why Should You Blog?

You have complete control over your blog! No algorithm is going to change your blog. Sure, you may have certain posts that outshine other posts, but if someone checks out your blog, they aren’t not going to see a post. You can post what you want without the anxiety of getting a certain amount of likes or comments.

The Fear of Blogging.

I know a ton of Instagram accounts that have personally told me that they want to start blogging, but haven’t made the leap of faith yet. I get it. I was there. It can be intimidating. Why should anyone listen to me? What authority do I have to say what is and isn’t right? I hear and dealt with these questions as well. Guess what?! You’re not Albert Einstein and no one expects you to be. Your thoughts and writings are all your own opinion. You can (and should) state factual things, but don’t let that hold you back from starting your blog!

Take advantage of the Help.

Not sure where to start or how to start? It’s literally as easy as turning on your computer. There are so many websites and people that are willing to help you find your voice and get started. Just like Instagram has a great, supportive dog community, bloggers have a great support community, as well. Below are some of my favorite resources:


BlogPaws is a website that promotes, educates and assist pet parent bloggers. BlogPaws has an actual page dedicated to helping pet parents start and maintain their blog presence. The BlogPaws Social Learning Community page will not only give you educational tools, but connect you with fellow pet blogging parents, as well. Take a look at some of their tutorials and take advantage of their free assistance. Not only is BlogPaws focused on blogging, they are pet advocates and get your “crazy dog/cat lady” ways. ;-)

Virtual Bren

I learned about Virtual Bren from our good friend Amanda Bella. Bren is a blogging guru and will help you put your vision into reality. While my current blog was not designed by Bren, we hope to oneday soon, make the switch to a self-hosted blog with Bren’s help. I wish I would have known about Bren before I started my blog, which is why I’m suggesting pairing up with a blog designer from the start.


BlogLovin' is a site that I just learned about through Heather, Bridle and Bone's blog. In my opinion, this can best be described as an Instagram for bloggers. It makes it super easy to see when a blog you like posts a new post. You can edit the settings to avoid a massive amount of notifications.

I promise you that once you start blogging and find your voice, you will absolutely love it and wish you would have done it sooner! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I have yet to meet a blogger that isn’t willing to help you or give you pointers. Best part of blogging? You can come party with us at the annual BlogPaws Conference! While this conference is open to anyone, it is definitely focused on helping you become a better blogger.

As always, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need some extra motivation! We are always happy to help. Happy Blogging! :-)

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