Bloglovin' Lifestyle · Feb 25, 2016

7 Ways To Live A More Creative Life

By Débora Sofia

Image via Garance Dore

Creativity is a hard thing to define, but in general terms we can consider as an act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Basically, It´s a process that requires passion and commitment.

In our hectic lives, the creative process is becoming harder and harder to achieve. So, in terms of helping you, here are 7 tips to live by:

1. Do random things – Expose yourself to different random situations. Get out of your routine and usual activities. For example you can change your route to get at home or work, do a new workout, read a different type of book, experiment different foods, basically, temporarily break your habits.

2. Have fun – enjoy the act of creation, you should allow yourself to be curious – curiosity is one of the most important value to the creative process.

3. Think outside the box – sometimes you just need try to look at things from a different angle to change your perspective. Try looking at the world with a fresh perspective, as if you’re seeing it for the first time.

4. You need space and time - Creativity needs space and time. Clear your room or work space, forget a night out with friends, and start creating.

5. Don´t be afraid - Lose your fear of being wrong. We need to give ourselves permission to make mistakes and messes.

6. Explore – go outside and surround yourself with things that inspires you. Go visite museums, art galleries, go for long walks in different places.

7. Surround yourself with people that are different from you – Invite people into your live that don´t look like you, don´t think like you, don´t dress like you, don´t act like you. You will learn from them, discover new things, create new perspectives and that will make you grow as a person.

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