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Gift Guide: Small Luxury gifts for her

Looking for a perfect Christmas gifts for her? Here is my under $50 Luxury Gift Guide. Surprise your loved ones with carefully chosen gifts that will let them know how important they are for you. Follow the guide to make sure your gift recipient doesn’t get completely wrong message wrapped together with the gift. Believe me; there is no bigger disappointment than receiving a gift that brings you nothing more but the finding that the person giving you that gift doesn’t know you. Or worse didn’t even care to find out more about you. I still resent a high school mate who gave me a milk chocolate when I didn’t eat chocolate at all. Not mentioning the point of the gifting was to get to know us better.


While all small luxury gifts look like a perfect gift for the Gifting season, you need to know what gift to give someone. Despite your good intentions, the receiver might get an entirely wrong impression. You certainly don’t want your coworker to think you gave her that Dior shower gel because you thought she should take better care of herself. On the other hand, giving a luxury shower gel to your girlfriend for her to use it at your place when she is sleeping over, will certainly make your girlfriend tremendously happy.

Also, have in mind you should not give a perfume to anyone if you are not sure, what perfume she uses. Especially not the pure perfume. (Well, to be honest, you won’t get a luxury perfume under $50. So one worry less.) It’s slightly different with the eau de toilette as its fragrance fades away quickly. Still, you should know the brand and the type of scents she likes. You can get away with a hair mist or deodorant. However, a deodorant is not the best gift option for a coworker in particular.

Same goes with the food. Make sure you learn before all the allergies and taste preferences she has before giving her a milk chocolate and cookies while she is on the dairy and gluten-free diet. Scroll down for more.


While a partridge in a pear tree sounds nice in a song, I’m quite sure your girlfriend won’t think this way if you bring her a game bird. Finding a perfect gift for a girlfriend should be quite simple for you. At least if you two have been dating for a while. And you know her taste and favorite brands. However, if you really want to impress her, give her a luxury body care she could use when she is staying in at your place. She will certainly appreciate having a makeup removal and a foundation in your bathroom. If you two are not that far yet, a hair mist, lipstick, eyeliner, or even a luxury candle will be a great gift for her.


This one is probably the easiest one. You can give to your wife anything but the things you would give to your male friends or your mother. As it goes for the lingerie, I personally don’t think of it as a good gift. Firstly, every woman knows what lingerie works best for her. You can’t expect your wife to feel confident in every single lingerie. Secondly, you won’t get any luxury underwear under $50 unless it’s on sale. Anyway, I decided to add few pieces of discounted luxury lingerie for you.


Finding a perfect gift for a coworker can be quite challenging. Especially if you don’t know her very well. (In this case, let one of your new year’s goals be to get to know her better.) I advise you to choose from the food baskets, champagne, or stationary. If you know her better, you can choose from makeup sets, too. Receiving a makeup set with essentials (concealer, mascara, lipstick) is always nice. A book is also a good idea. I found this fun, intelligent and concise Marcel Proust’s questionnaire which will help your team to come closer and learn more about each other.


There are so many good gifts to give to your friend. From makeup, beauty, books, stationary, candles. The best one, in my opinion, the one you can indulge together. Read a bottle of champagne.


To all fathers, your daughter will always remember the first time you gave her a luxury makeup.


In case you ever dropped and smashed a cup from your mother’s bone china set, now is the time to pay her back by giving her a new porcelain cup. A classic gift such as Chanel 5 eau de toilette or dark lipstick is also a good choice.


Don’t forget to buy a gift for yourself. Surprise yourself with silk slippers, luxury body care or makeup. Or to finally upgrade your place into a young woman’s apartment, a bone china.

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