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DIY maternity circle skirt

This skirt is one of the easiest and quickest things to make in your maternity wardrobe. It is super feminine and makes for quite the head-turner. It emphasizes the belly making your waist and legs look smaller! Thats the kind of help we prego ladies need right?? I paired it with my maternity peplum top (tutorial here), springy wedges and straw hat to boost the flirtiness (despite how I'm not feeling so flirty these days of course). Check out the non-maternity knit version here...wishing I had made a maternity one just like this months ago!

-2 to 4 yards of fabric (you can really get any kind you want just not too stiff – the more flowy the more it falls closer to the body – this skirt was more stiff if you want tosee HERE)
-1″ or wider elastic (if you want an elastic waistband)
-measuring tape
-sewing machine Instructions:
**this is more of the knit option, if you would like to make a woven option that has a zipper and more professional looking waistband you can still use this tutorial, but check out the zipper and waistband install HERE for alternative instructions. if you choose not to do a zipper but do a woven fabric you can still do this tutorial below but choose a more light to medium weight fabric.
1. Cut the skirt out as directed below.I buy usually around 3 to 3 and a half yards of 44″ wide fabric, but around 2 yards for the really wide fabric (and if you are using wide fabric, then you won’t have any side seams, it will all be one big circle piece). If you get the less wide fabric, then you will have to fold the fabric over so short ends meet (it will almost be square looking not long looking).
3. Calculate the radius by using the measurement below. Make sure the circumference of your waist (the inner circle) will be at least the width of your prego belly (your belly size divided by pie or 3.14 divided by 2). After you find your radius measure out your circle skirt’s waist line, because the circle is being cut out in half (either cutting it on the fold because you have wide fabric or cutting it on the edges because you have less wide fabric) you will only need the radius. To do so, start from the center of your folded fabric, aka the very center of your skirt and waist and measure the radius outwards like a half circle. Then measure out the length of your skirt (keep in mind to keep a little longer because your belly will take it up quite a bit.
***If you want the wait to be gathered looking vs. smooth, then you want to add a few inches to the half circle. That is what I did with this one.
4. Then figure out what length you want the skirt and add it to the radius (for example if your radius is 6″ then add 6 ” to the length of your desired skirt length like 25″ = so you get 31″)
5. Take this length and from the center mark and cut out the half circle
6. I didn’t hem this skirt under since it was knit and it will not fray, but if you want to then very slowly and carefully fold the edge under little by little because the very rounded edge is very hard to hem. Then iron. 7. For waistband options look below.
7. WAISTBAND OPTIONS: Option 1: elastic waistband (hidden on inside)
hidden elastic: mark the elastic and skirt into quarters, then pin those quarters together laying the elastic over the top of the skirt, placing the edge of the elastic to the edge of the skirt, on the outside of the skirt. i.e. only the top edge of the elastic will touch the top of the skirt. Sew the top edges together, stretching as you sew. Then flip under inside the skirt. Stretch as you straight stitch a topstitch it under one to 1.5″ down from top keeping the elastic in place. If you don’t want to topstitch it, it will still work but will flip up constantly.
Or you can have the elastic not hidden don’t flip under just up after you sew the top edge together on the outside of the skirt. Option 2: wide stretchy knit band
Measure your belly/hip/waist area and make a long piece of fabric that that will tightly fit around your belly/hip/waist area as well as make it 2x as long as you want so when it is folded in half and sewn to the skirt, it will the official length in the end. Then fold it in half and make it a tube. Then fold that tube in on itself hiding the seam on the inside. Then pin and sew the tube RST to the skirt. Pop up! Keep popped up or fold down once.
OPTION 3: professional non stretch waist If you want to do a more professional waistband because you plan on installing a zipper go to this tutorial HERE.

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