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Thoughts on Thought Bubble 2014 (Leeds) ... Lots of lovely people and comics

I really enjoyed Thought Bubble in Leeds this year and here is why:

1. I was lucky to be next to some really lovely neighbouring stall holders. On the one side was Dumpy Little Robot and on the other Ryan Taylor. Lots of chatting happened and it made the time fly really quickly. I did a swap with Ryan and ended up with his four Grinning Mask Comics, a great read (spooky and the mask is especially terrifying if like me you have a slight phobia of clowns), can't wait for the fifth installment. You can buy them here.

2. I sold out of my new comic 'Catching Prime Numbers' and it was a good way of spotting the maths fans among the punters. My favourite was the dad and son who brought the last one, a mutual respect was shown to the importance of prime numbers in the internet age (the dad said he would take the comic to his work place - respect for the hardcore prime numbers fan!).

3. I learnt from Sammy Borras how you dance and do gig sketches at the same time (Sammy made the technique look like lots of fun.) I picked up Sammy and Sarah Fogg's Zine 'This is not a serious music publication.' I love the way that Sammy and Sarah's different drawing styles mesh together into a very enjoyable music zine.

4. I picked up Dan Berry's The End (It involves numbers, the potential end of the world and angry guys with base ball bats.) I love Dan's line work/art work, so I was really chuffed when he drew me my own tough guy in the cover. Dan Berry is also responsible for one of my favourite pod casts 'Make it then tell everybody' - a great listen if you like or make comics.

5. I was drawn to Looking Glass Heights #1 by David Allison due to its cover and was really glad that I made this spontaneous purchase during a quick break from my stall. A powerful comic 'The Blowdown of Barry Brown' with equally powerful commentary. The artwork is striking, with my favourite section being ' you work in an area for ten years, get to know the people, the problems.'

This part of the commentary on social housing captured it all for me:
"... is to fail in the most seemingly simple of task: remembering that they are human beings in need of shelter."

In today's climate this comic matters for those working in housing and beyond, it really matters, so I hope there is a Looking Glass Heights #2.

6. I had a great chat with one of the Thought Bubble volunteers about writing comics in different languages. We talked about the trials and tribulations of puns and them often losing their meanings when translated into another language. It has to be said Thought Bubble always has lots of lovely volunteers.

7. Finally, Richard Bruton got hold of a copy of A little lost story - A useless super hero and gave it a lovely review on the forbidden planet international blog. Really glad Richard and Louise enjoyed it!

A massive thank you to the Thought Bubble Team for a great comic con.
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