The World’s Cutest Bible Tabs Ever- And They’re Printable!

For the first time, someone besides me has named one of my products. When finishing up these bible tabs, I asked Lydia what I should call them, and she quickly replied “The World’s Cutest Bible Tabs Ever!” So I’d like to present you with… The World’s Cutest Bible Tabs Ever.

I kept seeing all the cute journaling bibles out there looking all adorable and crafty with cute hand-made tabs, so I decided to make some to mark all the books in my bible. It wasn’t the plan to make them downloadable, but I mean, if I’m going to go through all the work anyways, may as well scan them for the rest of you, right? I love how instantly fun they made my bible!

I created a tab for each of the 73 books of the bible, and each one has a symbol for something in that book. I’ve found that it makes finding the readings I’m looking for very easy to find!

For any of my protestant brothers and sisters in Christ, I want to say that all of your books of the Bible are here– just don’t use the ones you don’t need for your bible.

I love how they’re all shaped differently. As far as I know, these are the first novelty bible tabs of their kind, and kids love them! (Not to mention moms)

I feel like it’s hard to capture their cuteness in the photos, but I especially love this little lyre as the symbol for the book of Psalms.

I also love the little symbols for the 4 Gospels!

These homemade bible tabs make my bible so happy.

How to use the bible tabs:

Print the download. (I printed mine on card stock so they would be sturdy)

Fold the tabs along the line.

Cut along the outside edge of the tab with the paper still folded. They all stay connected along the top so the 2 sides stay together.

Here’s what the Genesis tab looks like cut out. This is when I put it on my Bible page, and figure out exactly where I want it to go, then mark with a little pencil dot. Just like any dividers, each tab should be placed a little lower than the tab in front of it. When you get to the bottom of your Bible, start at the top of the page again.

To attach these to my Bible, I used regular school glue. I squirted a few dots on the inside of the tab and spread it with my finger. This assures that you get glue to all the edges of the tab, and you don’t leave any globs that will dry wrinkly.

Then you stick it to your Bible page on the place where you marked with your pencil. That’s it! Be sure not to glue your pages together. I kept checking by flipping my pages back and forth each time I put a new tab in to make sure nothing was sticking that I didn’t want to stick.

If you think the tabs are too big for your Bible, you can print them smaller by choosing a smaller percentage (such as printing them at 80%. I already had one friend tell me she was going to do this. They were just the right size for my bible.)

The best part is, you can download these Books of the Bible Tabs for just $3.00, which is even cheaper than you can buy boring ‘ol Bible tabs! After purchasing, you’ll get an email within a few minutes with a link to the download, so your bible can get cute pronto!

Get your instant download for The World’s Cutest Bible Tabs Ever now.

You can find all of my bible journaling resources here.

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