“The fundamental sign of absence of cultural permission is the lack of words in the language of the dominant culture which would suffice to describe an experience.” – Anthony Temple

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    new wave feminism

    1. think-progress: Shout out to teachers everywhere I’ve seen a...
    2. Many women throughout the world nowadays are defending themselves from rapists by forcefully grabbing, twisting and pulling on their testicles and not letting go of them until either damage to the testicles occurs, and/or the rapist quickly loses all his strength within a matter of seconds and collapses after becoming unconscious. It is an *extremely* effective technique. Is this going TOO far however?
    3. One of my coworkers told me I looked “slim” today. I’ve always found those type of...
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    Who Needs Feminism?

    1. I need feminism because I am not allowed to go on late night...
    2. I need feminism because one of my co-workers thought I was a...
    3. I need feminism because when I’m talking about it to my...