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  1. Today for #mondaymatchupgiveaway I bring you some of my list of yellow cards I need in Star Wars Card Trader! I have been playing for a couple of weeks and love it! This time around we have my new Aquamarine Lamy Safari that came in the mail today and Private Reserve Daphne Blue. A huge eat combination! As always thank @gouletpens for the opportunity. #Lamy #gouletpens #mondaymatchup #aquamarine #turquoise #ink #fountainpen #fountainpens #fountainpenink #funtainpen

  2. My Lamy 2000 (M Nib) I ordered from Massdrop finally arrived (a couple of days late!). I was hoping to have a "grown-up" color in my new "grown-up" pen. But although Waterman Inspired Blue is gorgeous and has some great shading. I wasn't loving it. So I switched it to an old standby. LEVENGER PINKLY!!! This ink isn't even produced anymore, but I used to have a pen inked with it all the time when I was younger. So why not?! Still my favorite color. Now to find a notebook that lets the sheen come out. This sample is on tracing paper. Any suggestions? #fountainpen #fountainpens #fountainpenink #funtainpen #waterman #watermaninspiredblue #levenger #levengerpinkly #Lamy #lamy2000 #massdrop

  3. I just took the #dermelectchallenge and color me impressed! You might be asking yourself what the challenge is... Well Dermelect bet that you can finish your whole manicure in 20 minutes! I know I can do a whole manicure in 20 minutes! I've got tons of practice I didn't expect the nails to be dried to the touch 10 (TEN!!!) minutes after I had started to paint my nails. From the moment I started painting to the moment they were dried to the touch 10 min! I followed the instructions provided: 2 coats of Dermelect nail polish (in this case Fant-A-Sea, from the spring collection) 2 coats of the Memento Manicure Extender Top Coat, allow to dry for at least 8 minutes And finish with a touch of Revital-Oil for your cuticles and nails. After 20 minutes my nails were dried!!! I could t even make a dent! I am impressed! It has surpassed my expectations, so much so that I couldn't wait to share it with you all. #presssample #Dermelect #spring #10minutemanicure #20minutemanicure