Classy Clutter · Mar 20, 2015

How to wash and dry your pillows

Pillows. I love pillows. I mean, my husband thinks I’m crazy but a great pillow just makes me happy. Now bed pillows aren’t quite the same. I love a good bed pillow but they’re really hard to come by and they can get quite pricey. I especially hate when I go to a hotel and the pillows aren’t comfy. Boo!!!

I have searched for a great bed pillow at a decent price and have found a few good ones. Here’s the problem, pillows can get gross. They get flat and lumpy after a while if they’re poly-filled or “feel like a bag of cotton balls” if you ask my husband. It sounds comfy but it’s not. Lumpy is not good. You know what else is not good, stains. We all sweat when we sleep, you do too! Have you ever taken a pillow case off and wondered how it got stained and discolored? Sweat! Gross, huh?

Today I’m excited to show you how to wash and dry your pillows to get your favorite one looking (and smelling!) clean! YAY!

Some things are much harder to launder than others. Let’s face it, laundry itself is hard to keep up with. It’s seriously my nemesis. I decided to try Persil ProClean (available exclusively at Walmart) for this project and I was shocked at the results.

I decided to give my kiddos pillows a spin (see what I did there?) since the little boys’ pillows seem to get the most wear. I was intrigued by the Persil ProClean Power-Caps. They have a brightness formula built into the pre-measured capsule so I was excited to try it.

Simply place two pillows in your washer, if you just do one, it won’t be balanced so throw two in there and add a Persil Power-Cap. Run white pillows on the hot water cycle.

Next, throw the two pillows and a few tennis balls in the dryer. The balls help fluff the pillows as they dry.

Holy white Batman! They came out ridiculously bright, clean and smelling amazing! Seriously, like brand new!

Persil ProClean detergent is available in two other forms:

o Power-Liquid – Contains a powerful combination of stain-fighters that help break down stains for an exceptional clean.

o Power-Pearls – An innovative new kind of detergent that is loaded with Pro-White technology for dazzling whites. Also for colors.

You can learn more about Persil on their website

The Power-Pearls have also been amazing on my white bedding in my bedroom. I have four rambunctious little boys that love to wrestle on my bed so Power-Pearls are my secret weapon to keeping my bedding bright white!

You can also enter to WIN the Persil ProClean Launch Sweepstakes. The grand prize is a year supply of Persil ProClean and a night out! It includes a $300 gift card, $200 gift card, and a $150 card credit. THAT is an amazing prize!!! A second place winner will also receive a year supply of Persil, also amazing. The sweepstakes runs through April 12th, 2015. Click here to enter and fill out the sweepstakes entry form.

You can also check them out on your favorite social outlet!


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