coco kelley · Jan 25, 2016


Well guys it’s January, and that means it’s resolution time. Time to start eating healthy, working out, and getting financially fit. I don’t know about you, but that all sounds a little exhausting. So better yet, let’s do something manageable and fun, like get organized with this DIY copper wall organizer. It’s inexpensive, attractive, and easy to make (really, I promise!).

I built my board out of a hog panel, but if you don’t happen to have a feed store nearby, then any metal fence panel or reinforcing panel would work. You’ll need a couple of tools on hand along with the materials listed below.

Tools //

  • Hammer
  • Bulk cutters (or have the store cut it for you)
  • Metal file or sandpaper

Materials //

Since hog panels come in 16′ length, I cut the panel using bulk cutters and then sanded down the sharp edges with a file. Most feed stores or building supply stores should be able to cut the panel down to size for you if you don’t have bulk cutters at home!

Now the board is ready to be primed and painted. Obviously this board is not actually MADE of copper – but we’re going to make it look like it is! If you’re using galvanized metal like my hog panels, you’ll need to use a special bonding primer in order to adhere the paint (like the one on the material list). I also painted my hangers and clips with the same paint to keep everything cohesive. Both the primer and spray paint I used are really stinky, so I’d recommend wearing a mask and spraying outside.

Once the paint dries, it’s time to hang up your board! You can get creative with what hooks you want to use, but I went with 50-lb picture hangers. Nail the hangers to the wall and then hang the board on them. Add on some inspirational images, to-do lists, calendar, and recipes with clips and you’re done. Such a cooler vibe than that regular old cork board! And easier to hang lots of different types of items, too.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m feeling more organized just looking at this board!

xoxo, Cathy

photography: meghan klein // DIY by cathy poshusta for coco kelley

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